Man in the face of death


What about is worth knowing before entering the spiritual world?

What will happen to us at the time of death?

How will we feel our own death?

What will happen after physical death?

The realization of the inevitability of physical death, the understanding that this is not the end of our lives and the attitude towards the future eternal spiritual life, entails another question: where exactly will we live forever? Everyone knows that it's not here in our physical reality. There must, therefore, be a place for spiritual life for people. If it is the spiritual world, why is it so inaccessible and mysterious? How can we take into account the second eternal existence in our daily lives? The above questions direct our interest in the sphere of belief in something that is not visible and which is difficult to prove. By the way, there is also a question about the presence of Heavenly Father and our meeting with Him.

We ask such questions many, but usually only in older age or in danger of losing physical life. This also applies to people suffering from incurable diseases and aware of the fact that their lives will end soon.

I have already written about the spiritual world as the place of our eternal presence in previous chapters. At the time I was guided by the thought that it would cease to be so mysterious to us. I would like to describe as many people as possible with its existence and the need to recognize it as our future eternal home. This tame should have even a wider dimension. If we are to spend an eternity in it, it is worth assuming that it is much more important than the few dozen years lived in the physical world.

However, the practice of everyday life shows the opposite, which is largely illogical. It is a paradox, that despite most people's belief in the existence of God and knowledge about future eternal life, we do almost nothing to know the laws regarding our eternity. It is hardly surprising if science does not do it. We only hear from various theologians about the "religious" organization of the spiritual world in the form of a timeless sky, purgatory and eternal hell, although almost no one knows what it really looks like. The vast majority of people do not devote any time to thinking about its existence, let alone preparing to stay in it. At the beginning of this text I asked a question how to take into account in our daily life this second, eternal existence. Therefore, I would like to try to answer this question to a small extent on the following pages.

For now, it seems that an almost impenetrable veil separates us from this eternal future. Some information from the "other side" is treated as unreliable or at least uncertain. Members of the main religious denominations are separated from this knowledge by dogma or biblical imaginations, treating numerous testimonies about phenomena coming from there on a par with dream visions or hallucinations. A very common attitude is to wait for a kind of surprise, which is probably prepared by the Creator for those who obediently follow the recommendations of various religions. For those who are deceased honestly, they devote themselves to eternal life in hell. God in such an image becomes a strict but just Judge, and He is to know best how our future will go. We inherited such thinking from the distant times of antiquity or the Middle Ages, and that's enough for us. However, I try to describe our future life anew, so that we will not grope in the dark now and in the next life.

The general conclusion from the texts in this publication is the statement that earthly life is a "material" to shape the content of our future life, and therefore it is worth ensuring that it is a "material" enough.  Of course, physical death completes these preparations. This moment is also a kind of final judgment for us, which must be prepared for.

Almost all people are affected by the fear of death and this feeling is often paralyzing. Happy are those who have the opportunity to calmly reflect on their lives while still having full mental powers. In my study I want to make everyone aware that death is a situation that must be understood in life. I would also like to explain when it should be feared and when it is unnecessary. As each of us is different, the transition to the spiritual world is different for each one of us, even if our death looks similar from the point of view of an external observer. It is quite important in our situation that we do not live in the world originally foreseen by God, and therefore our transition to the spiritual world has nothing to do with the original assumptions of the Creator. We simply live in hell and have no idea of ​​the true, planned by the Creator, the transition to the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world, popularly known as heaven. It is worth considering the arrangement of your life to be well prepared for this important moment.

If you live in hell, then the obvious desire is to escape from it. Practically it cannot be done without losing physical life. It is also not enough to "escape" on interesting journeys, or in dreams of happiness and love, and even in prayer. These are only half-measures, but because humanity has never lived in a perfect world, such half-measures can help us a little. I experienced it personally.

However, when we feel that our life is coming to an end, it is worth leaving half-measures and cleaning up our problems.

I have asked myself many times whether I am ready for death and whether I still have to do something about it.

There is no doubt that the problems we have in physical life can burden us in the spiritual world. It is true that most of our daily worries will have no meaning in the spiritual world. Meanwhile, the desire for a better life or wealth can completely override the right way of life. Through efforts that have nothing to do with our future life in the spiritual world, we often lose sight of the true meaning of our existence.

It is best to enter the spiritual world completely freed from obligations in the physical world. It is good to fix all the wrongs done to other people, pay off all debts, material and moral, and apologize to those who feel sorry for us because of our mistakes. It is worth to make a very deep examination of conscience, to search in memory for even the tiniest of wrongs that we have done to anyone and cordially apologize to those who are angry with us or have some grievances to us. Sometimes such apologies are technically impossible and then we can get some forgiveness through a normal confession to a priest in the confessional. You can also decide on the type of public confession, asking our listeners to forgive the wrongs we inflict. Anyway, I think that the main task of a man before going to the spiritual world is to fix the evil that weighs us down and leave the good itself.

Death is associated with sadness and sometimes even with tragedy. Our closest loved ones, who we loved without whom it is difficult for us to live, leave us. Sometimes many years must pass before we can adapt to a new situation in which a loved one is not with us. We feel that they will not come back to us again, that we will never see them again and that they have gone forever. With time, though we do not want that very much, we slowly forget about those who have left us for to go to the spiritual world. All this is very sad, but it only concerns the situation created in our fallen world. The original plans of the Creator were completely different. Based on what I wrote in previous chapters, it is easy to imagine joy and happiness in the life of the human community because of entering someone into eternity in the spiritual world. However, this is still in the realm of our dreams.

Some phenomena connected with the process of moving from the physical world to the spiritual world should be clarified. Many people who survived the clinical death claim that they saw a long tunnel and that they were overwhelmed by unusual light. They also claim that they talked with a luminous figure, heard voices, or watched a beautiful, colorful world. I guess you should use the quotes, writing the words "they saw", "heard" or "talked". Our imagination has been shaped in the material world. We describe our impressions with the language of concepts known to us. Meanwhile, the spiritual world should be described as a "spiritual language", which we do not use for the time being. Therefore, we must explain to ourselves the description of these impressions on our earthly language. In the spiritual world, there are no material structures, because there is nothing physical there. We perceive the transition between these two worlds as a corridor or tunnel, because that's how the brain explains it to us when we try to tell it. We see it, although it does not exist in reality. The same applies to light or colors that we know from the physical world. Our spiritual person, experiencing entrance to the spiritual world, has no eyes, ears or other senses. He cannot see, hear or touch anything. However, we try to describe these phenomena somehow. Unfortunately, in the world other than time and space, there are different rules than in our world. We are only there and other spiritual beings. At the same time, our memory and imagination are still lacking in spatial structures and time limits. Of course, there are specific laws and rules, some of which are described in this study. It makes up the concept of essenceism, about which I wrote at the very beginning.

We often feel fear of death because we are afraid of the unknown and the mysterious. Meanwhile, death is the first step to the most important part of our lives. It is the opening of the path to eternity. Instead of worrying about her and being afraid of her, it's worth getting ready for her. We know that apart from the salvation of the whole world, there is still the problem of our personal salvation. People are subconsciously afraid of judgment on themselves. Entering the spiritual world is always a smaller or greater shock, which depends on the degree of personal preparation for him during the course of earthly life. The worst are those who did not believe in the spiritual world, or simply did not know about its existence. These people, after the initial shock, have to undergo a long adaptation period, although of course it is not measurable in time. In the spiritual world, there is no idea of ​​passing time. If someone remained in the condition in which he left the Earth and did nothing to restore his life to the proper condition foreseen by the Creator, then indeed this hell would be eternal.

In the chapters on the spiritual world, I explained that the majority of people "cling to life". It means that they wants to continue it in the same environment in which he began his existence, despite finding himself in the spiritual world. I described this phenomenon as the reappearance of spiritual persons in the physical world, i.e. cooperation between the spiritual persons of the deceased and those who currently live on Earth. This is what almost everyone who is entering the spiritual world is doing. However, a much better attitude would be to focus on starting a new phase of life in this new environment. It is to this concept that I would like to convince people using the explanations contained in this study.

As you know, the Earth is still under the dominion of evil and you cannot count on getting a proper spiritual development on it. Therefore, when in the spiritual world we understand how our life should really look, we should start to build its true version. There is no longer a need to look back. A new way of life opens before us, so it is not worth staying in one place. It is like having to go a long way in a situation where we have a broken car. You cannot stand idly by then, because without a good vehicle, we will not go anywhere. It is necessary to repair it, just as it is necessary to repair the errors of our earthly life. Thanks to this, our personality will be a "working vehicle" for the entire future. This is an "entry" to the future Kingdom of Heaven.

The personality of a man entering the spiritual world does not change much compared to the personality he had during his life on Earth. It is still the same man, the same character, the same mind remembering all earthly achievements. That's what the Creator wanted for us, creating life on Earth. He wanted man to remember all the details of his life forever. Thanks to this memory of his experiences, the beauty and richness of nature, man would keep the image of God's work forever. On this basis, he could create further scenarios of life in the spiritual world. Various forms of the Creator's work would accompany him forever in spiritual life, and his happiness would last forever. Otherwise, experiencing our life on Earth would not make sense.

To begin explaining our future in the spiritual world, I will use a situation that appeals to the human imagination. The transition from the physical world to the spiritual world can be imagined as an extension of our night's sleep. We will just fall asleep, but we will never wake up again in material reality. Our dreams are most often the experiences of the situations, images and events that we experienced while awake. These facts were recorded by our spiritual person in the form of a "recording" intended for further survival in the spiritual world. An ordinary night's sleep makes use of these recordings in a residual and inconsequential manner. Meanwhile, in the spiritual world, we will use these recordings in an orderly manner. In addition, we will change their scenario freely so that we enjoy it. Anyway, we do it every day in a physical life in the form of our dreams. The Creator has predicted that our life in the spiritual world will be the fulfillment of our dreams, that is, become a period of eternal joy and happiness. Unfortunately, the implementation of God's plans and our dreams is still an inaccessible future.

If you want to know how "there" will be, you must first understand that heaven, hell and the spiritual world are not any places or any specific space. It is an open, borderless sphere that creates infinity. The only reality in this sphere are people (actually their spiritual persons) and angels. The spiritual world is the sphere of life for spiritual beings. His "content" is only one. Apart from God, people and angels, there is no one else there, and certainly nothing material. Simply images, visions and remembered content from the physical world are in the personalities of those who had anything to do with the physical world before.

At the time of physical death, we forever abandon the three-dimensional world and the linear flow of time, and instead we are surrounded by a sphere that exists beyond time and space. It is a great shock for everyone, especially someone who has never thought about the so-called afterlife. Entering the spiritual world means the beginning of existence in a completely new reality that should be characterized by complete freedom. Unfortunately, we will not feel it yet, because it will only appear in the perfect world. There, this freedom results from the existing God's Laws, which does not mean its depletion. On the contrary, it is a state in which no restrictions are felt. This is because in the world created by God, His Law and Principles are "built-in" into reality, that is, they are integrated with it. In the case of an ideal world, this applies to both realities, physical and spiritual. There is simply no other alternative. If evil appears, it would become an anti-reality that should not exist at all. We unfortunately know that this anti-reality has adopted real shapes and now we are living in a fallen world that is in fact an anti-world, that is, an abyss existing beyond the concept of the Creator. We can be found after death in the spiritual antiphere, that is, in the hell of the spiritual world, which is also a kind of such an abyss. Therefore, we should be aware of how our current situation, dominated by evil, negatively affects our future life in the spiritual world.

I have already explained in the chapter on the principles of the functioning of the spiritual world, that God created the infinite universe for it, that it would be for eternity an infinite sphere of experiences for His children. It is true that at the present level of knowledge, our contact with the universe is almost completely limited to our globe, but the universe is open to us. For now, we do not have to go to space for new knowledge, because we have not yet fully learned our Earth, which still captivates us with new discoveries. At the same time, we have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge about it for thousands of years. What we "record" during physical life is the material for building a new life scenario of experiencing in the spiritual world. You do not have to imagine that in the spiritual world there will be some unimaginable creatures from space waiting for us or strange, contrary to our original nature experience. There, everything will result from the natural order of the universe prepared by the Creator, with which we are already partially familiarized with life in our world. Therefore, we record the content of the physical world all the time in our personality and then transfer it to the spiritual world. How, then, having such "luggage", feel the contact with the new reality?

In summary, only the spiritual person enters the spiritual world and it is she/he who brings her experiences, created by a physical person. Experiences collected on Earth form one whole in it, as if they were in one point and in one fraction of a second. This is because other laws exist there than on Earth. That world is beyond time and space. The spiritual person in that reality cannot feel the flow of time or the dimensions of space by himself.  It has everything integrated in itself. It seems to be at one point, and at the same time it is present everywhere. In order to understand it better, one must imagine that all experiences, events and images of our lives will be written on pieces of paper. These cards are first arranged according to the chronology of our life in one sequence, one by one, so that they form a line of experiences stretching for hundreds of kilometers. This is how we illustrate the flow of time, say, several dozen years of our lives. Imagine then that we will gather all this string of "pages" into one pile. Then we will have our whole life in front of us in one point and in one fraction of a second. An impression arises, as if time has not elapsed in it, and everything happened simultaneously, lived in one moment. Then we "see" our whole life in the blink of an eye. This is what happens when you leave the physical world and enter the world beyond time and space.

We are gradually acquiring knowledge about the turning point of our life. While in our reality, described by "Newtonian" physics, time and space are a necessity, in the spiritual world they are only our imagination. There are, however, people of faith and even scientists who claim that even in the physical world time is only a figment of our imagination. Although the phenomenon of the suspension of the passage of time is very rare, it can occur, because in the course of life we ​​have the coexistence of a physical and spiritual person. This can happen under the influence of a strong distraction of our personality, that is, during the loss of consciousness, as a result of intoxication with some chemical means or as a result of profound religious experiences caused by the domination of a spiritual person. There are also few scientists who, wanting to break the lack of connection between quantum mechanics and general relativity, try to eliminate time, claiming that it results only from our imagination or memory. They need such an assumption, because they cannot support the existence of the world beyond the time and space and the achievements of the Creator.

Entering the spiritual world, one must take into account everything that has been described above. We will have a whole "recording" of our life in us. We will be able to "watch" and evaluate them at any time, that is, to make a "final judgment" over it. Below this will be explained even more thoroughly.

Currently, in the majority of cases, the basic form of presence in the spiritual world is the type of "participation" of the spiritual persons staying there in the lives of individuals on Earth. That is because all of humanity is as if it has not completed its development and needs to come to personal perfection. The level of this participation depends of course on the degree of spiritual growth of our personality developed during earthly life. It is also about the degree of freeing yourself from your problems related to the "previous" life in the physical world, enabling or not implementing a new episode of life in the spiritual world. Those among those who are most aware of the situation on Earth feel a great need to act for the salvation of the world. Unfortunately, the more man weighs on previous earthly problems, the less attention he can focus on participating in this salvation. For example, for spiritual people in paradise, the salvation of mankind is the sole purpose of their "daily" activity. This was due to the redemptive work of Jesus, who fully liberated these people from the burdens of the previous period of life. Unfortunately, in the "lower" zones of the spiritual world, this activity for the salvation of the world is often suppressed or jammed by personal problems resulting from mistakes made during earthly life. In accordance with what I wrote in the previous parts of this study, these problems can sometimes eliminate a given person from the process of repairing the world. What's more, they can even make him a tool to harm this process if he gets under the influence of the spiritual world under Satan.

Our future life is adversely affected by any action that causes harm to other people, the destruction and degeneration of love or the taking of life to other people. The biblical Ten Commandments are a kind of description of human behaviors that burden the human account in the most harmful way. The point here is primarily not to favor the system of living contrary to the concept of God. For breaking the good moral standards that come from God is conducive to the "satanic" conception of the world. Respect (love) of parents and all other people who are children of God, not to be beaten, not to be uncollected and fail to place themselves in the position of God clearly indicates that these commandments exhaust most of the negative phenomena that destroy the personality of every human being.

We already know that our life is a material in the form of a "recording" that we bring with us into the spiritual world after physical death. From that moment, nothing can be undone or denied in our experiences. With few exceptions, entering the spiritual world, we relatively quickly gain the right view of our previous life. In this way, our private "final judgment" begins. We see clearly all our lives and we understand immediately what the material proper to eternal life is. At the same time, we realize what worthless material was and, above all, what was the evil that destroyed our lives.

Personal hell begins when a person realizes that he has wasted his life and begins to regret the majority of his deeds. Then he will want to repair these evil deeds and wrongs. However, when he realizes that he cannot undo these events, he begins to suffer more and more. If he does not receive forgiveness from those whom he has hurt, he may have to wait until the Savior's remission of his sins. I would like to mention here a group of particularly suffering people, that is, those who committed suicide. The level of spiritual pain is enormous. For all of them, the only hope is the coming of the Savior.

Claiming that hell is God's punishment for our sins requires critical thought. Such a "just" approach to our situation after death would mean that the Supreme Judge would punish us for our sins. That is the doctrine of many religious denominations. This leads to a paradoxical conclusion: here the Creator will continue to subject us to suffering in the spiritual world for being taken from his care by Satan and subjected to a slave life in hell. Is this the image of justice in the performance of our beloved Father?

However, many people live with such an absurd assessment of the Creator. In the light of what I wrote in many places in this study, there are no such punishing people from God. For He loves His children immeasurably and has not prepared for them any punishments and sufferings. This is just a figment of fallen human nature that cannot judge the unimaginable goodness of Heavenly Father. It must be clearly stated that we ourselves will experience pain and suffering after entering the spiritual world. It will be our "punishment". For there we will understand how far we have departed from the form of life foreseen in the Kingdom of Heaven. This pain can be compounded by the fact that hell continues on Earth, and those who are already in the spiritual world cannot repair the effects of their sins.

In the spiritual world open after the resurrection of Christ, the reckoning of earthly life will act on the basis of God's laws, that is, what we call God's justice. The punishments will be meted out by the people themselves, when the nature inspired by these laws begins to act in them. Those who have committed evil on Earth will themselves realize what will be the right punishment for them. Then the main driving force of their actions will be a huge desire to repair the wrongs they have done to others and to remove the damage that arose from their fault during their entire life. This applies above all to those who, after their death, found themselves in purgatory.

Actually, a good, or normal, life in the spiritual world begins when, thanks to salvation, we cleanse our previous life from evil and when we start to play our "purified" recording. This means that we have gone through our personal "final judgment". We then recreate the appropriate experiences, that is, those that arose from the creative concept of God. We can even create a favorite course of life and realize all our desires resulting from this "recording". For example, we are again experiencing a trip, great moments of skiing or getting Mont Everest. We can reproduce our lives freely, all moments of joy and elation as many times as we like, and modify them in any way. Sometimes we experience similar impressions in repetitive dreams or attempts to influence their content.

Finally, I would like to assure everyone that the Creator who accustomed us during our earthly life to constant contact with nature, to admire it, to experience its transformations and beauty, did not intend to limit us to these impressions at the time of physical death. He wanted our happiness and joy of communing with what was dear to us in life on Earth to be with us forever. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about, that after death we will no longer be able to see our beautiful world anymore. From the content of the topics in this study it is clear that we will be able to constantly experience the same joys that have been our share in physical life. In addition, it will be possible in the company of those whom we loved during our life on Earth.

Quite often in earthly life, we want love to last forever or that certain experiences never end. Meanwhile, there, in the spiritual world, we can just fulfill these desires. In a telegraphic shortcut, the heaven is the fulfillment of all our best dreams that bring us joy and happiness. Therefore, it is worth remembering the principle that our "happy recording", made during the life in the physical world, can give us endless joy and happiness during the whole life in the spiritual world. It is good to try to repair our present civilization and even small-scale efforts to create the ideal world as soon as possible. If we try to look more closely at the statements of Jesus Christ recorded in the Gospels, there are many good advices in them that support such aspirations.































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