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The independent ways for knowledge about God


Searching for God, searching for the meaning of life or creating your own religious theories sometimes require a lot of effort and resignation from previous views. However, in spite of these difficulties, I recommend everyone to get boldly renewing their spiritual life. However, I advise against initiating this path from chaotic criticism of existing achievements of other people in this field. I do not recommend critiques of known religious theories or present ideologies proclaimed by particular religious denominations and churches.

When speaking about a matter, especially regarding religion, it is good to have a specific spiritual foundation, a kind of base on which to assess the problems encountered. Through the considerations on my website and in this study, I try to help everyone build such an internal foundation that is necessary to further shape their own views on religion. It then gives the possibility of a more active presence in the spiritual life of their surroundings. Below I will explain my intentions in these matters, using specific examples.

When a car mechanic goes to repair a broken vehicle, he must have a lot of knowledge, that is knowledge of the laws of general mechanics, knowledge of the structure and proper functioning of the mechanisms of a given car. This leads to the necessary experience in the repair of typical damage in cars.

Similar rules apply to a doctor who starts treatment of a sick patient. Such a physician must have general medical knowledge at an appropriate level, must know the human body adequately in its proper functioning and have some experience in the treatment of various types of human diseases.

If you want to analyze the rich experiences of humanity in areas that concern the existence of God, the meaning of life or specific religious views, then it is worth taking an example from a good car mechanic or a good doctor.

There is no doubt that our world is seriously ill and seriously corrupted morally, just as a person can be sick or an old car can be broken.

By starting to repair or renew our spiritual life, as well as to positively influence our surroundings, it is worth developing a basic foundation of knowledge about what we want to do and what is the purpose of our behavior. The basis of everything should be the conviction of the necessity of the First Cause, which I called the Original Being. This is the fundamental beginning of building our views. It is worth spending a lot of time to realize God as the Absolute, the Supreme Good and the Perfection. Such an assumption should result from the overall achievements of mankind not only in the field of religion but also science. This Initial Being must have the qualities of Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. That means it should be a bit like us in a state of perfection, though of course on a cosmic scale. In this concept, His Intellect means omniscience, perfection and infinity.  His Will results in the creation of an ideal environment for humanity, the Kingdom of Heaven as the highest good.  It is also worth realizing that His Emotionality flowing from His Heart is a source of love and beauty.  These qualities also allow us to shape our concept of how the ideal world should look for humanity. In the next step, this gives the opportunity to evaluate the mechanisms of evil that hides humanity. Practical experience would be useful, for example involving a disinterested social activist.  Personally, I would recommend the most eager acquisition of the volunteer's experience and even the knowledge and skills of a lay missionary in some social or religious organization. Maybe then we would become similar to an experienced mechanic or an effective doctor in this area.

In my activity on the Internet, I usually meet with disorderly criticism from people who have nothing to offer other than reluctance to people with different views. I'm not talking about so-called online hijackers, because there is no discussion with them. I am talking about people who speak in the public debate, who are most often afraid to open their hearts. I am also talking about die-hard followers of a religious denomination, who, by the same token, reject anything that does not agree with their previous views. Finally, I am talking about people proclaiming large and lofty slogans, the content of which they do not really understand, because they practically do not apply the ideas they spread in their personal lives.

If you meet such people, you probably will not learn anything new, and you will only expose your nerves to unpleasant experiences.

However, just as it is worth discussing with an experienced doctor or a good car mechanic, it is worth discussing with a person who really has something positive to say and who wants to listen to you. One should, therefore, begin the discussion, having already prepared the initial foundation of faith and the minimum knowledge base which can then be complemented. Having such a "backbone" is important to not be fooled or deceived by empty slogans and to always be analytically oriented to the statements heard.

There is a general rule that every new theory should be well checked, both its own and the other. That is why I proposed to everyone to create their own "analytical tools", in which I am able to help with this help as far as I can.

Many times in my statements I have suggested to people that they try to find their own way to know God. Ideally, the path to this goal could be based on independent, logical thinking. It would also be good to have a deep desire to know someone who should exist somewhere and who were searched by countless truth researchers.

Maybe now is the turn of us?

Is it good to decide for yourself to search for the universal truth about God, man and the universe? Yes of course! Nobody should help us in this most important life task, although it is difficult to take it. However, once again I suggest that you first start working out your own independent concept of God, and then proceed to compare it with others. Many times in this text I showed how I did it myself and what effect it had. I will definitely try to show what you can do if you really want something.

Therefore, below I will present the next episode of my observations and experiences.

In search of answers to questions about human existence, I have repeatedly considered various ideas that accompany people.

I tried to determine which ones are the most important. Are they dreams of happiness or the desire to experience true love or fear of death or something else? I also noticed that throughout my life I was accompanied by certain signs that I can describe as good life councils or something like ideas for life. Sometimes I even felt the action of some supernatural force directing me to the right way. Immediately I reserve that I do not consider this to be a proof of God's special protection watching over me or some supernatural gift. I feel it rather as a certain necessity that I have not always agreed with, which I did not always understand, but which I somehow took into account in my life, and finally understand that it should always be so.

I doubt if God has dealt with me with his angels, but it is possible. Because God created this world by introducing His Will, His Laws and Principles and Love to Him, what I call Divine Providence, maybe some part of it fell on me too.

However, I would like to look at this issue more "philosophically" to understand what I am feeling right now after experiencing over seventy years of my life. I can of course assume that this is a kind of embodiment of His Word to me (written by a large "W"), but I want to check it out.

Thousands of doctoral thesis and many other wise books have already been written about the Word of God. I will not compete with them, but I will only give my understanding of this concept. For me, the Word is like a stream of His Will, Legal Order and Love flowing to every man, which is also to me. This is how I imagine God's Fatherhood. So in my case, the Word can become flesh. Unfortunately, not really, because I am still "unfinished". I am also convinced that in all other "cases", i.e. for all other people, the state of "unfinished" also continues.

In my opinion, there is only one exception.  It is Jesus Christ, because in his case really "the Word became flesh" (John 1:14).

I write all this because I finally understood that I come from the Word defined above, which should become a body, i.e. me.  I am waiting for it to happen to all people once. Then the Kingdom of Heaven will appear for us.

I pointed out above that "part" of this Word is Love. And here I must admit that many people feel it the most, much more than the Will and Rights of the Heavenly Father. I must admit that the feeling of God's love influenced me the most. That is why I can pass this experience with a pure heart to other people, especially to the closest family.

I would like to ask everyone a question about normal everyday feelings, that is, how is it with our faith and love?

Remember how it was with you?

Perhaps everyone remembers that first you need to get to know someone, then possibly accept him, then possibly to love him, and only then to trust him or believe in him.

I have often wondered if you can believe in someone and not love him. The answer was always the same. Of course you can believe in someone and at the same time not love him. However, I would not like it to be the case with God.

And what would the reverse look like? Can you love someone and not believe in him at the same time? It's unlikely. Unfortunately, everything is possible in our world, every perversion and every combination can happen. However, looking at the problem honestly, it must be said that true love implies boundless trust, or faith, because otherwise it would not deserve to be called true love. In that case, I would like it to be the case with God.

If someone read carefully the analyzes included in my study, he noticed that I was never really "forcefully" urging anyone to believe in God. Rather I wrote always about my love for God and I asked somebody to try to love Him, just as I tried to do it, at the same time pointing out that love must be learned. I usually started by presenting God, using primarily logical reasoning. Understanding the very possibility of His existence or even beginning a discussion about Him is the first step to His love.

Remember how you met your beloved person. In most cases, you first saw it and liked it. Then you somehow accepted the next meetings and sight, until finally the love started, because "something sparked". Faith and trust emerged only in the next period.

Can this be the case with our meeting with God? Certainly yes! Is love from God necessary for us? Sure everyone will answer yes! Anyway, the more love we have in our lives, the better and the more happiness we feel every day. Every love will be useful, so it is a pity to disregard the one that flows smoothly from the place where it was created, that is, from the Creator.

By the way, I will come back to the subject I have touched earlier, to the meaning of "vertical" love, that is, love from God. Love between people, especially between a woman and a man, i.e. so-called "horizontal" love, gradually expires, as if it is cooling. It can also disappear completely. It is with it as with a drying stream that loses its spring. "Horizontal" love can therefore disappear if it loses its source. It is not in us. I have shown many times that a man, be it a man or a woman, is primarily a "horizontal" being, and therefore lives with "horizontal" love.

However, there is also a deeper understanding of the human being. We are the unity of a physical and spiritual person and a child of God. For this reason, man is a "vertical" being, and so he needs "vertical" love for his personality. These two dimensions of love make up a completely unified human being, because both are needed for our eternal existence.

That is why it is good to know your "divine roots". Certainly the greatest difficulty in knowing God is connected with the fact that you cannot see Him, that is, you cannot know Him through our physical senses. However, man differs from the animal because he has spiritual senses. Its work especially effectively when we silent the physical ones. Hence my entire efforts boil down to seeing God through the spiritual senses, that is, the so-called eyes of the soul.

I keep repeating that man is not an animal. I will repeat it a thousand times, so that as many people will understand it. Such understanding opens the door to realizing who each of us really is. It is evident that the whole legacy of human civilization is derived from intelligence, human will and spirit, or human spirituality. In addition, all these achievements are the most focused and future oriented, which also suggests the existence of eternity in our personality. This finally allows us to state that every person as a spiritual person is eternal. Thanks to this, he occupies the position of superior over all other entities. In addition, in the case of adding up to the whole of humanity, we are like a "collective god".

However, if we notice that it is not humanity that created the universe and we admit that it was not us who determined the laws and principles inherent in the reality that surrounds us, then it is easier to realize the necessity of someone else's existence. I discovered this necessity many years ago. I think that everyone who wants to feel a citizen of the universe has to face it. I know that we have quite a lot of these "mousses" in our physical life, and for sure everyone must die. I do not advise, however, to treat this "mousse" as a compulsion, on the contrary, it is worth making it a conscious passage of the necessary stage on the way to eternity. Accepting this eternity causes the discovery of a kind of solidarity with God, because then we realize that we are eternal, just as He is. I hope that in the case of a particular individual such a state of solidarity will be conducive to a closer knowledge of our Creator. As a result, we can love Him more easily, especially when we understand that this is our True Father.

In this way, there may be a trust in someone in whom we have a beginning, that is, faith in our Father. There are also those who have more open spiritual senses and feel that He is always with man through His Heart and His angels. I will add that sincere acceptance of God's existence has a very positive effect on our personality and in particular on our physical and mental health. In the chapter on conflicts caused by the spiritual world, I raised this subject in detail.

Religions, denominations, churches, religious movements, sects and other organizations of this kind should recognize the goal of leading people to God, though they must do so, breaking through the obstacles of the secular world. Is their help always necessary? I answer that it is not always. I will ask you again.  Can an individual person shape his path to God? I answer that everyone can not only do it, but he should do it.

At the end of this topic I would like to emphasize once again that every person is different, which certainly means the unique and unique bond connecting everyone with the Heavenly Father.























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