The orderly compendium of main concepts

Act of creation – is the process by which matter is created from energy. This means that this act concerns the transition from the Energy of the First Cause to the different state of matter. The whole process proceeds in accordance with the prepared plan of creation and in accordance with the laws derived from the Personality of the Creator. It means the merging of the Physical Side of God (Energy of the First Cause) with His Spiritual Side (Spirit of God) equipped with Intelligence, Will and Emotionality).

Adam and Eve – The Bible claims that the first son of God, Adam, was a man and a male, just as Eve, his daughter, was a man and a woman. In the original plan of God, they were the future parents of all humanity. It does not matter if they really existed, because their biblically certified presence only has to show that there was a moment when God the Father brought to life the first couple of people. They were to create with God a kind of trinity, which I call the Primary Trinity.

All-Creation – another concept of all things in the creating world or all that exists in creation.

Angels – are spiritual beings that the Creator has destined only for life in the spiritual world. Their personality in terms of feelings is at a lower level than the human personality. In proper proportions, they play the same role for the spiritual person as animals towards our physical person. In some situations, they may interfere in the physical world, but only with the use of special energy coming directly from God. Each angel has a spiritual body that is a concentration of spiritual energy and a spiritual soul that is the center of his personality, something in the shape of the inner directive nature.

Bible – this is a great religious book of a didactic nature. It was written in good faith by inspired people to give us an important religious truth. The Bible is not the truth in itself, but the key and the path to knowing the Truth.

Divine Providence – it is the action of God's laws and principles that guides everything created by God to a state of perfection. It has the character of "top-down" God's protection aimed at bringing people to the level of God's children and the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven. Divine Providence took on a specific meaning after the fall of the first people. On the one hand, it acts as a permanent signpost to the lost people in the fallen world, the correct direction of the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Thanks to this, we can guess, among other things, the Will of God. On the other hand, it activates the power of laws and principles that can be used when it is necessary to effectively oppose evil.

Earth and Heaven – in my study I use these concepts written in large letters in two senses. The first meaning of the Earth concerns the whole of our planet as a place of existence of human civilization. In second sense, the Earth appears as a synonym of the present world, or the fallen world. Heaven, also written in large letters, is synonymous ideal world under the sovereignty of God, the Kingdom of Heaven. Of course, I am omitting the explanation of the colloquial meaning of the sky and the earth (soil, plane, earth's crust) for which I use the lower case of the spelling.

End of the world – it concerns an evil, fallen world under the authority of Satan.  With the end of Satan's reign, with the end of the fallen world, the so-called "eternal hell", both in the physical world and in the spiritual world will come to the end. Its ending means only the end of the world that we know every day. However, there will be no such thing as the definitive end of human civilization in the sense of the physical destruction of a large part of the Earth's population or some total destruction of our planet. The Creator never intended to destroy His work. He will not do it because of the fall of man. The end of the world will simultaneously be the beginning of the proper world under the authority of God.

Energy of the First Cause – it is an inexhaustible, primordial energy filling the entire universe, which is also a "Physical" Party or "External" side of God. It is a peculiarity that is a "material" or otherwise "building material" of all things, that is, everything that is in the universe. I also use the abbreviation of this term under the name "primary energy", which precedes the concept of "primary matter". The only currently known form of "primary energy" may be the so-called dark energy, and the only known form of "primary matter" is dark matter.

Essenceism – this is a new concept, used only for me by now, meaning a coherent analytical system based on logic, and intended to study peculiarities beyond time and space. It is a platform for understanding all the concepts contained in my study, especially the laws of the spiritual world.

Fallen nature in man – it is attributes taken over from Satan that create the second, next to the original, personality of every human being. It was inherited from Satan by the first ancestors of humanity. It is passed on to every human being at the moment of his birth, because it is the consequence of original sin. Both it and the original sin, it cannot be removed from man. It can only happen as a result of the full salvation of humanity.

Fallen world (hell) – it is the present human civilization, which was created as a result of the fall of the first people. It exists outside of God. The fallen world is guided by Satan and therefore our earth can be called hell.

God does not know evil – the Bible emphasizes that after each day of creation, God stated that He created good. From this follows the logical conclusion that if such a God created the universe, then there should be no place in it for something like evil. God did not create evil, because otherwise it would be part of His Personality or Consciousness. However, it is not. Evil is a special exception. Evil is a new quality in creation that has been introduced to our reality by the Archangel and the first people. This is not a mere quality or phenomenon, as there is a lot in the universe. It is a kind of anti-reality, or a singularity that exists outside of God. God cannot interfere with something that He did not create, because otherwise He would take responsibility for the fall of man and for the present world that He never had in his plans. If perfect God would be involved in the imperfect condition of a given situation, he would give it the status of perfection, and this is contrary to His Principles. God is a perfect, absolute and complete Creator. He cannot be corrected, modified or refined with new knowledge about evil, which He did not have in Himself. From this discussion, based on the given arguments, it follows that God does not know evil.

God's grace – Christians say that God distributes gifts of grace according to His Will. For example, one gives the grace of faith and not one to others. This means that some have protection and blessings from Heavenly Father and others are not. It's very unfair image of Our Creator, because it suggests to Him divide people up for worse and for better or those who is bestow His grace, and those where it is not possible. His grace is actually His Will, always unchanging, always directed justly to all His children and leading to the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven. In the case that we seem to have been blessed with His grace, it may be the action of angels taking care of us.

God's Love – is a stream of energy that has its source in the Creator's Heart. It concerns one of His main attributes, that is, Emotionality. This directed energy creates the greatest strength in all-creation. The direction is given by the other main attributes of Heavenly Father, that is, Intelligence and Will. Together with the force of principles and laws, which is the basic driving force, it remains uninterrupted in the Creator's activity. It should be added that it is a force greater and more important than creative power, although in God its remain in complete harmony.

Good and evil –

a) in the sense of activity - good is the action and result of action in accordance with the Will of God, and evil is the action and result of action incompatible with the Will of God.

b) in the sense of the state - good means the Kingdom of Heaven, that is, the world under the dominion of God, and evil the hell, or the world under Satan's rule.

c) in the sense of personification - good is embodied in the Person of God and evil in the form of Satan.

d) in the sense of existence - good is a peculiarity lasting forever, that is to say, infinity, and evil is transitory and will be liquidated sometime.

e) in the sense of current reality - good is what should always be, and evil what should not be.

Heart of God – is the center and core of His Personality and what makes Him Heavenly Father. It is like His inner center. The Heart of God is the source of the original Love, the point of His Emotionality and the point from which everything begins.

Holy Spirit – has a perceptible female character that represents goodness, love, care and similar matriarchal features. Together with God and Jesus, He forms the Holy Trinity. Jesus in this Trinity represents the Second Adam and the Holy Spirit the Second Eve. Because the Second Eve never appeared, only the mission of being at the side of the Son of God was left. This mission is now fulfilled by angels and spiritual persons of such women as Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, Tamar and many others known from the Old Testament.

Holy Trinity – in my study I define it as the Image of God, not as God Himself. This means that we perceive Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is actually a form of the Creator's action designed for human understanding. Everything that the Creator does, binds him to the structure of the trinity in which He is the subject. This is the case when He gives rise to positive and negative elementary particles, when cations and anions are formed, when animals and plants are masculine and feminine, and finally, when His work is embodied as a man and a woman.

Image of God – is the state of our perception of the Creator. This Image is a frame that allows our reasoning to function in time and space to "look" at God as a recognizable Being with specific qualities. The creation of the Image of God in the human imagination results, for example, in the Christian faith in his existence in the form of the Holy Trinity.

Jesus Christ – Son of God, Messiah, Savior, Redeemer, Second Adam, Son of Man and many other names. These are the names that are used in the Bible for His determination. Christians add to the name of the Lord before His name, which emphasizes His position as the Lord of All Beings, as in the statement of God. Jesus Christ was born as a human being. In my study, I say that He was to save the world from the power of Satan through teaching, not through a bloody sacrifice. He was first and foremost a human being, and actually He had to be such that the salvation of mankind would make sense. As a man, He achieved personal perfection and became the First Son of God. Therefore, through fallen humanity should be treated equally with God. In a sense, He replaces God Himself, for fallen people do not have direct contact with Heavenly Father.

Kingdom of Heaven – this is the state of reality originally planned and prepared by the Creator, in which all people were to live, both in their physical and spiritual lives. This means that there should be a Kingdom of Heaven in the physical world and in the spiritual world. Both these "kingdoms" constitute one ideal world under the authority of God, that is, they are to be eternal. For now there is no one in them, because people do not achieve the level of perfection, or the status of the inhabitants of this Kingdom.

Last Judgment – is a fundamental part of the process of human salvation, because it is right to explain the guilt of Satan and people so that everything can return to its original state. Each court introduces justice by using the law in force. The same is true of the Last Judgment. It is therefore a process of introducing God's Law, not a cosmic spectacle. This law is called the Word of God and it is not a giant fire, it will judge the evil done by Satan.

Laws and principles - in this study I am writing primarily about general laws existing in nature, and in fact in the entire universe; such as the laws of physics or biology. Unfortunately, I cannot deal with other existing laws, such as social rights. I believe that all these laws, which are the laws of nature found by us on Earth and those that people have established themselves, are subject to constant examination, checking, and even re-creation. A large part of these laws, especially those concerning nature, can be considered as the laws from the Creator. It is precisely these laws that I take into account when I use the words “existing laws and principles”' in my texts. First of all, they constitute laws governing the physical world, that is, the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology that exhaust the concept of the laws of nature. Secondly, these are laws defining the order of all things, that is, relations of supremacy and subordination on the line Father (Creator) - child (man) - servant (angel) and all other dependences inherited from the creator (God) - recipient (human). Thirdly, these are laws that define the existence of harmony and beauty in the universe. I would like to add that all these laws apply to what, according to the Creator concept, man was to learn from the beginning of his education in the physical world. They form a part of the concept of Divine Providence. Throughout this study, I call God's Law what have given to people by the Creator in the form of His Word, that is, content objectively reaching people through written revelations. We are to grow to perfection, multiply, transferring life from Our Father to our successors, and to manage the Earth in His name. God's law is also read out of the Mosaic Decalogue and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a code that should help us achieve perfection. It first and foremost contributes to the concept of Divine Providence. In addition, in my texts I use the concept of God's principles. They mark the timeless state of reality which the Creator has shaped. The rule, capitalized, is that God is the absolute, perfection and infinity. Among other things, it is also that man was created in the image and likeness of Heavenly Father, that is, his child. These Principles, unlike His Laws, I accept intuitively.

Man – is a being that has existed forever since its birth. He is a child of God begotten by Him in the form of a spiritual person, but who receives a physical person from his "earthly" parents for a period of physical life. In the first phase of his life, his physical and spiritual person are united. After the period of being on Earth, he continues eternal life in the spiritual world only as a spiritual person. Man is the highest form of life separate from the other, occupying a dominant position among all other creatures, that is the position of master of all-creation given to him by the Creator.

Miracles – are the direct interaction of energy from God in the physical world. They happen in parallel to the laws of physics and do not actually break them. For example, Jesus, having access to the Energy of God, could rule over matter, shaping it according to his will, which enabled Him to do deeds we considered miracles.

Original Being – is a being existing from retrograde infinity (always), stretching its presence to the entire infinite future. In a direct way He fills the entire sphere beyond the time and the space. From Him all other beings take root. Indirectly, His presence is also realized in space-time. In my study term Original Being is God – the Creator possessing a Personality or the Original Entity is present.

Original nature of the human being – these are attributes taken from God, which should create a good character for every human being. It is in our personality. Having it is not a gift or grace, but the basic value of our existence. It is it who decides that man is "in the image and likeness" of Heavenly Father. It is therefore a reflection of the attributes of the Creator Personality.

Original sin – this is a fact that took place in the Garden of Eden. It is associated with the fall of the first ancestors of humanity with the participation of Archangel Lucifer, called after the fall of Satan. It means, in the first phase, an illegal, spiritual sexual act between Archangel Lucifer and Eve, and in the second phase, premature, contrary to the command of God, the physical sexual act between Eve and Adam. It is a hereditary sin that charges everyone on Earth, regardless of whether we want it or not. We are just born with this sin that manifests itself every day as a fallen nature.  Original sin is virtually impossible to be removed from human beings. To remove it, all humanity needs a Savior.

Physical death of a human being – is a state we feel when we move from the physical world to the spiritual world. This transition changes the perception of our existence completely, because we are moving to a spiritual sphere beyond time and space. It results from the inevitability of physical death, but it is not the end of our lives, but rather a step into the future eternal life in the spiritual world.

Physical person of a human being – is our physical body endowed with an instinct of life similar to instinct in animals. In the case of man, however, this is not a simple instinct and is therefore called a physical soul, which is the internal physical directive nature.

Primeval Trinity – in my understanding they were to be created by the Heavenly Father Adam and Eve, the first parents of humanity. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and in its place was the Fallen Trinity.

Redemption – a work done by Jesus Christ. Unlike full salvation, it means spiritual salvation. This term suggests replacing something with something. Therefore, the Redemption is Jesus' taking over the price of His physical life of sovereignty over spiritual persons in the spiritual world. These people remained under the dominion of Satan before the resurrection of the Son of God. Redemption also applies to people on Earth who believed that Jesus is their Lord, that is, that their spiritual persons entering the spiritual world are also redeemed. The "transaction" of redemption was made possible by the fact that the value of the life of the Son of God is greater than the value of all fallen people together, that is, those who once lived and those who are living today. This "deal" was a voluntary act of the will of Jesus Himself and could have even been done without Satan's consent.

Reincarnation – this is the view that the "soul" can from the spiritual world incarnate again into a new physical being, means a new physical person. In my study, the "soul" means the spirit of man, or rather his spiritual person. Belief in reincarnation is due to the improper understanding of the phenomenon of "returning" spiritual people from the spiritual world to the physical world in order to complete their development on Earth to perfection. Such a "returning" spiritual person uses the person living on Earth, taking indirectly her knowledge and vital forces. The belief in reincarnation could only arise if the supporters rejected the view that every birth of a man is a combination of his physical person with a unique spiritual person born of the Creator. He is therefore Heavenly Father or Source of eternal life for every newborn man.

Religion – all religions in the world were created by people, not by God. And here are the arguments for this. First, no religion is needed in the ideal world, planned by the Creator, because He does not need an intermediary institution or organization to communicate with His children. Second, God never in his original plans took into account the creation of religion, because He planned neither the fall of man nor the fallen world that arose as a result of this fall. Third, God does not interfere in the world under Satan's rule, and religions were created in this world.

Resurrection – in the general sense it means the return from death to life under the authority of God. People in the world under Satan's rule are in a state of spiritual death and require a process of transition from this state to a state of life, that is, a transition under the authority of God. This process can also be called a spiritual rebirth.

Salvation of the world and man – is a time-prolonged process of restoring the state of the world under the authority of God. It leads to the end of the evil reign of Satan and the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven. Responsible for it are angels and people led by Jesus Christ, both those on Earth and those from the spiritual world. In their actions, the direction is indicated by Divine Providence.

Satan – this was the Archangel Lucifer, who at the time of the fall, both of his and the first people, became Satan. He is one who ruled over people, and over the angels who were fallen with him. These fallen angels can be assumed as evil spirits and identical with demons or devils. Satan is the embodied evil that has entered the human world. He is the source of evil and its center and quintessence. He does not belong to the Creator Reality. Both Lucifer and Satan are names of the same spiritual being, but with two completely separate personalities, as if they were two completely different spiritual persons. One, called Satan, has only a fallen nature, in other words a new, bad side of the originally created Archangel, and the other, called Lucifer, as if it has frozen in life activities, still having a pure, primordial nature. There is only one reality for God, and the Archangel Lucifer belongs to this reality. Apart from God, unfortunately, there is another reality, that is anti-reality, to which Satan belongs. As a result of salvation, Satan will cease to exist, and then he will "revive" the personality of the Archangel Lucifer.

Soul – this concept I reserve to describe the inner character of a given being. It is not an independent entity, but rather an inherent and inseparable nature. The formula for its definition is the Spirit of God, who is the omnipresent Personality of God. It imitates the Inner Character of the Spirit of God filling the omnipresent Energy of the First Cause. In the case of man, the soul is its inner character, called by me the internal inherent directive nature of man. In our spiritual person there is a spiritual soul and in the physical person a physical soul.

Spirit of God – is the Omnipresent Personality of God, filling the realm beyond time and space. Through the laws and principles in Him, He introduces into space-time, means to the universe, His Intelligence, Will and Emotion. The universe thus has in itself an indirect presence of God, and all laws and principles encoded in the universe result precisely from the total presence of God.

Spiritual being – is an eternal being that comes directly from the Creator. Within this category is the spiritual person of man and angel, both subject to God and fallen, subject to Satan.

Spiritual death of a man – is the state of a man falling out of the Divine Jurisdiction and Reality. The Creator, introducing the notion of spiritual death for breaking His law in the Garden of Eden, made people understand that evil is existence outside of Him, except His Omniscience and beyond His Life, and therefore is a zone of death of which He can know nothing.

Spiritual person of man – he is the right man. He is a spiritual being with a spiritual body and a central spiritual attribute, which I call the spiritual soul. The spiritual body, sometimes called the astral body, is the base of the spiritual life energy for the spiritual person. It is guided by the spiritual soul mentioned, constituting the center of existence and the essence of the human personality, that is, its internal directive nature.

Spiritual world – it is an infinite and eternal sphere beyond time and space meant for the life of all spiritual beings in it. In the original concept prepared by the Creator, it was envisaged as one sphere of eternal human presence, because human life on Earth was long enough to achieve personal perfection. Meanwhile, in the present world, apart from this God's concept, three extra other spiritual spheres were created. The first is hell, or the spiritual world under the rule of Satan, in which live spiritual people are completely cut off from God. The second is purgatory, or a kind of transitional sphere of the spiritual world, in which spiritual people who are not yet ruled by anyone, neither Satan nor Jesus Christ. The third sphere is paradise, or the spiritual world for people introduced there by Jesus. It was He who restored this sphere, which is the spiritual equivalent of the Garden of Eden.

Word (The Word of God) – It is a form of "God's outflow" of His Will, Love and Good. It is eternal like Him. When the Word becomes flesh through the small "c", it means that the Creator performs the act of creation, summing up His condition with the declaration that "God saw that it was good" (Genesis 1:24). When It becomes flesh by the big "C", it means the existence of His children. It should therefore be embodied in the form of the perfect Son of God (Adam) and the perfect daughter of God (Eve). However, this did not happen in the Garden of Eden. God is unchangeable and perfect, so at some point His Word became the Flesh again and the Son of God appeared, because God's Will has always been that way. In the case of Jesus Christ, that was the perfect act of the Fatherhood of God, because for the first time "The Word became Flesh" (John 1:14).


































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