Personal salvation


How to try to free yourself from hell?

The average person sometimes has big dreams to be someone special, famous, admired or more important than others. I will not mention here some mundane desires, but the biggest ones in which it is about fulfilling something most important in life. For example, if someone wanted to rule the whole world or take the place of God himself.

Is this situation completely impossible?

From my previous chapters, it seems that this art has succeeded, however, one being, and it happened at the beginning of human history. This being was the Archangel Lucifer, who after the fall with the first people received the name Satan. It is he who took the place of God for people and maintains this position until today. In this way, the situation was abnormal, illegal and just bad. People, children of God, are ruled by a former servant of God and men. Every single man became a servant of the servant and found himself at the lowest level of the spiritual world.

It's a bit like the story of the movie "Planet of the Apes", in which animals dominated over people, creating the world "upside down".

We live in this world today. This is our hell. Instead of the original order of creation, we have a world upside down. This is because hell was beyond the order of creation. It's worth taking a look at this new order.

Let's start by understanding the meaning of the word 'lord', which means dominant. We use the words of this capital letter in relation to God. We call our Creator the Lord God. We use such a title also for Jesus Christ, calling Him Lord Jesus. However, we never use this term for angels. Meanwhile, Satan became the "prince of this world" because that's what Jesus called him (John 12:31). This fallen Archangel took a dominant position against people illegally, contrary to the original plan of the Creator, creating the world upside down. In the meantime, man should be the master of omnipotence, and thus the master over angels.

On this occasion, it is worth making everyone aware that getting into conflict with the "master of this world" is a matter of life and death. Jesus especially warned people against him, calling him prince, ruler or god of the fallen world.  The Son of God alone, 2000 years ago, overpaid His mission with life because he wanted to dethrone Satan and people did not help Him. This is the bad news. It is also good news. Jesus, by His death and resurrection, however, became a victor, but only spiritual. First of all, he showed that He was standing higher than Satan and his fallen angels. He showed that the Son of God, the Second Adam, reigned over the spiritual world, that is also over the angels, by which He restored "in heaven" the original order foreseen in the Garden of Eden. Jesus became the first rightful master of all-power that every human being should be.  That's why churches call Jesus Christ Lord Jesus. This is the right name for our Redeemer.

Unfortunately, Jesus' real power is limited only to the spiritual world. His full dominion only results in the sphere that we call paradise, in the world of spiritual persons completely freed by Him from Satan. Jesus is also present in other parts of the spiritual world, but His power is limited there. Most spiritual people in need of His help find themselves between paradise and hell. We commonly call this sphere of purgatory. This is a place where people try to repair their lives. They are not yet sufficiently liberated from the burdens remaining in them after life in the world of Satan, but they already know that their true master is Jesus. I wrote about it earlier in the chapter on the spiritual world. It is precisely in purgatory that the most difficult mission of Jesus and the inhabitants of paradise continues. It involves the striving to free the spiritual people staying there from the remnants of Satan's influences and his subordinates, fallen angels. Jesus' higher position toward Satan can also be seen in the realm of the spiritual world known as hell. For Jesus can easily enter it, although he has limited possibilities of influencing spiritual persons who are there. It is not easy for Him, but he does not stop looking for those who, despite their bad life, can understand that Jesus is their master, not Satan.

This whole description allows us to draw many useful conclusions when it comes to our personal path to salvation. As we know, the Son of God did not receive greater understanding while living in our "earthly" hell. In this connection, I will now quote his words: "The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die" (John 11:25). For those who especially trust in Jesus, I would like to add one more statement: "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14, 6).

It is clear that the most important point in the way of personal entertainment is to acknowledge Jesus as your Lord. This should be supported by a clear declaration of Satan's renunciation as a false master. Such renunciation is best expressed openly, even loudly, regardless of whether we have any listeners or not.

Among everyday matters, it is good to find the right moment to review your life. Many things can be done for personal salvation, regardless of the declaration that we renounce evil. It is about additional efforts that boil down to practically taking an example of Jesus' conduct. Patterns have given us, directly or indirectly, His disciples and apostles in the form of teaching about the ways of following human Savior. Such a life, according to the instructions of the Son of God, is called by Christians in accordance with Christian values ​​and, in special cases, the "bringing of the cross". However, it is not about great exploits or joining the monastery. It is about certain principles that are worth following in everyday life.

Would not it be good to forgive those who did us some harm? This would be the first small step on the way to personal salvation. A greater step would be to forgive the wines not only of those who hurt us, but even our enemies. The biggest step would be to create a bond with them, true friendship and even brotherly love. That would mean that we are all children of the One Father. It is a pity that such a beautiful procedure is too rare.

Or maybe it is worth at least to do something less difficult, for example, follow the everyday principle in your life that evil must be won by good? To the test, at the beginning, it will be good always try to tell the truth and never lie. This is a very good step towards our personal salvation. The Ten Commandments also bring good advice. For example, I would like to quote a call to respect parents, not to disregard their life partner and not to steal others. These Commandments contain simple and fundamental principles that build personal salvation.

Unfortunately, there is another dimension of the procedure described. There were people who paid to follow Jesus with their own lives. Why? For this behavior does not like the most "master of this world". Sometimes, such a person of the Catholic Church is up to the rank of saints, because it is very likely that they end up after death in the spiritual world called paradise.

I know we have a very vague idea of ​​who God is. We use the words: God the Father, First Cause, Heavenly Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth. These are, however, still only names that do not reflect the deep sense of His existence. It is much easier to understand Jesus and His teachings. It is precisely the model of proper conduct that is one of the most important of his achievements. Our Redeemer brought in direct and practical teaching how to refer to other people called by His fellow men.

Neither God nor Jesus expect hymns of praise in their honor and probably do not want them.  Instead, we prefer that we constantly think of them, that we love them instead of fear them.  Above all, they want us to try to free ourselves from Satan's power by following their recommendations.

At the end of these considerations about personal salvation, I want to add a few more important points.

2000 years ago, almost all the elders of Israeli synagogues, priests and high priests, Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes did not accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Their activities in those days proved not only worthless for the salvation of the world, but, even worse, they destroyed thousands of years of efforts by many Old Testament prophets and saints who sacrificed their lives to prepare the nation of Israel for the adoption of the Messiah. Their actions also closed the path of mankind of the whole world to salvation in those times.

Imagine today the appearance of someone like Jesus Christ, just like 2000 years ago. Could there not be a phenomenon similar to that which took place in Israel at that time? Will there be no obstacle in his reception for the lack of a miraculous descent from heaven? It is worth asking yourself this question, despite the fact that hundreds of Christian churches and thousands of other denominations now explain what the full salvation of humanity will look like.

It is not that in order to recognize the coming Son of God, one must necessarily become a follower of one of the existing religions or belong to one of the many churches. Such a condition does not have to be fulfilled in the case of our personal salvation. You can, of course, analyze their doctrines, try to understand what they really want to teach us, and even for some time become part of these institutions. But no one, no priest, monk or rabbi, can pass through our personal "final judgment" when we enter the spiritual world or settle our lives. Religious organizations can teach about the salvation of the world, but our personal salvation is in our hands. That's why we have the support of Jesus Christ and the angels to use it ourselves and start shaping our future in the spiritual world right now.

My website and book are designed to bring everyone closer to God and make it easier to love Him. They also encourage the analysis of the recommendations listed in different religions, so that everyone, guided by the voice of their own hearts, thinks about their greatest weaknesses.

Our physical life is very difficult to change. However, this is not important to me. We should be interested in spiritual life, or understanding, on what principle does a spiritual person function in us and how this affects our reality. It is equally important to realize that it is eternal. It is she, not our body, who needs daily care to prepare her for eternal life. That is why it is worth starting regular thinking, preferably every night, before going to sleep, about your eternal future. It can be an evening prayer that most of us forget. All you need to do is ask yourself about the meaning of life struggles and some short-term material benefits. It is worth doing to realize how much they interfere with remembering that before us is a never-ending future in the world beyond time and space.















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