Future vision of the universe


The purpose of creation of the universe and the eternity of man

Previous topics presented the overall vision of the universe. On the other hand, the topic presented below includes a look at the universe, which considerably extends the meaning of the existence of the whole previously discussed reality.

The scientist who studies the universe's creation process asks himself: how did all this arise? It would seem that the believer in God's reality researcher will approach this issue completely differently. Meanwhile, this more religious seeker of truth asks almost the same question as any other scientist. It sounds like: how did the Creator do it?  And indeed, it does not differ specifically from the question: how did all this arise?

Therefore, the analysis of the creation of the world conducted by a scientist does not have to differ from the method of research conducted by a religious researcher in its form. Both agree that the world was made of energy. Probably one will say that from the one who came out of nowhere and the second from that which has always existed. Both of them, therefore, will show an act of a specific faith, because the former will accept that something came from nothing, and the latter, that of Energy, which existed in God. When a scientist admits that some laws that we know today thanks to classical or quantum physics have always existed there, the believer will state that God has always existed and he had these laws in Himself. Then, although they belong to different research environments, their claims about the origin of the universe will become similar.  Maybe even they both come to the conclusion that it was made of the Big Bang.  Of course, the scientist will say that the Big Bang has happened itself, and the question of what was before him is pointless. For this, the religious researcher will certainly find that it was initiated by the Creator, who previously had in Him the Primordial Energy, imbued with His Laws and Principles. Therefore, in the case of the causality of creation, both will remain at the level of faith and will be almost unanimous. Meanwhile, in the case of its purpose, their opinions will be completely different. Simply, the scientist will not be able to answer the question at all: why was the universe created? Meanwhile, being in the role of a religious researcher, I answer this question with this entire study.

I recall from previous chapters that God, Original Being, created the universe, starting from the transformation of His Energy into elementary particles. From these building blocks comes further matter and entire universe. There are billions of stars in millions of galaxies now. There are countless planets around these stars that can create good living conditions. It's good to know that.

Theoretically, a very large number of planets could be a place to live for people.  So, instead of setting up the endless cosmos with a dead desert, did He prepare an eternal environment for His children in him?  I suppose so!

The only sensible answer to the question, why the universe was created, this physical and spiritual one, sounds that it arose for eternal people, means for their eternal spiritual persons arising from the perfection of their physical persons.  Every spiritual person could "materialize" (take temporarily physical form) on any, adapted to life planet, which would give an endless adventure of life, attributed to children of God. This is a great prospect for humanity, especially watching our limited and short physical life on planet Earth.

In my assumptions, I go even further and say that on these planets biological life can be the same as on Earth, and people living on them the same as us. God is perfect. He created the perfect concept of life for His children. Since we look like this, we have such organisms and such nature around us, it must be assumed that this is a mature concept of the Creator and should he reproduce it in other places in space. Thus, the inhabitants of all inhabited planets have a similar model of reality to introduce. They should have the same look as we do, the same organisms and just as we carry eternal spiritual beings. You do not have to imagine something else, unlikely. The existence of aliens with a strange appearance is rather a fairy tale created for the purpose of entertainment. Note that the Earth displays the perfect values ​​of a fully thought out celestial body designed to raise an infinite number of human generations. It can be the same with individual planets orbiting their stars everywhere in the cosmos.

There is a good chance that there may be so many "Earths", because the Creator is still active and unlimited. These inhabited planets can be a great, universal school in which they grow up to God-level perfection. It can be done on every "Earth" in the universe. There is no doubt that the purpose of God is to bring up eternal spiritual persons, so physical life is needed only for the time of their coming to perfection. The "Earths" are to serve this purpose. Then the whole spiritual universe becomes a common and eternal place of being for spiritual people, which can originate from different planets in space. From this point of view, it does not matter which of them develops because they have the same Creator.

The same question that other explorers of the universe ask themselves is bothering me. Why do not we know anything about the existence of other human civilizations in space?

This is where we have a problem. I cannot say for sure that our Earth is the only place where such a crumbling civilization has developed like ours. However, because of the contradiction with the original concept of the Creator, evil will arise, I can say with a high probability that this is a unique phenomenon. I have the right to suppose that only our planet stopped in development. Only on our, among millions of others, there is evil, and everywhere else the Kingdom of Heaven reigns. Could the existence of the realm of evil be the reason for the fact that we are not aware of the universality of the Kingdom of Heaven in the universe? We do not know this today. For now there is an objective reason for a lack of knowledge about other places to live in space. This reason is clear: it is simply at the current level of technology that we cannot know about it. Since the planets inhabited by people divide the distances counted in millions of light years, communication with them is impossible at the moment.

However, there may be a much more important reason than those mentioned above. Perhaps the purpose of the Creator was to create one common spiritual world for all places in the cosmos in which biological life is going on. In this case, he did not need communication between places where people only have to go through a short period of growth to perfection. This isolation could, therefore, be intended by him. He is waiting only for shaped, perfect human beings who can live forever. This is because He Himself is an Eternal and Perfect Being.  The world of Heavenly Father exists beyond time and space, because only then the whole stands open to us. And this was what the Creator wanted most, and he wanted the spiritual person to be the right and eternal form of life for man. It (he or she) is His child for God because He is eternal, as He is. It can, like him, freely penetrate the entire universe and experience endless joy and happiness in it. Everyone of us should be such eternal partner to Him.

To sum up the above text, I would like to finally answer the question asked at the beginning of this chapter regarding the purposefulness of the creation of the universe. And so it was created because the Creator from the very beginning needed an unlimited natural environment to initiate the first phase of life for His children. The next goal was that they would be able to grow to perfection in this environment and enter the sphere that exists for them, existing forever beyond time and space. I can only add that it is about entering the giant spiritual universe, because this is the scale of God's action. Only such an environment can provide eternal life and total freedom brought up on different planets to people. The spiritual universe functioning beyond time and space is the only ideal form of life for Heavenly Father and His children.  Only in this dimension can we speak about the fact that people are created "in the image and likeness of God". Therefore, life in an eternal and infinite sphere at the side of Heavenly Father is the ultimate form of human existence.

One can still try to understand why God continues to develop the universe. The answer should theoretically be very simple. God does what He originally planned. Because it is eternal, His plans go back to eternity. Everything that emerges from Him in the creative work reaches its final form through the stage of development. This must happen to every being that has previously emerged from the "divine" sphere beyond time and space. My guess is that the Creator conducts His eternal activity because He loves what He does that why He does.  Therefore, he can be passionate about and enjoy the development of the universe, constantly transforming various forms of energy and matter. He does it in front of our eyes, although we, observing the formation of black holes or appearing supernovae, think that it all happens by chance. I hope that someday we will find out how it really is.

Is there any chance that such a broad vision, for the time being future-oriented, has been understood by all and has been considered as a real image of the universe? I hope that it can happen. You can still ask how to authenticate this idea? Unfortunately, you cannot do it yet. I am therefore based on the fact that Heavenly Father is forever our Father, he still loves us and he is waiting for us.  This is demonstrated by his concept, according to which people should, on their way to perfection, pass through physical life in the world created by Him. This is also demonstrated by the eternity of our spiritual person, and therefore the fact that we are like Him in this respect. He did all this to be able to live forever with us. This vision of the universe is our destiny, even if it was to be realized in the distant future.















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