Love, friendship and loneliness


A little bit about love, about friendship and loneliness

Here is the famous commandment of love: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind… and… love your neighbor as yourself" (Mt 22: 37-40). This, according to Jesus, are the most important commandments that have an impact on the meaning of human life.

So love, love and love again. Everyone is looking for it because everyone wants it.

After many years of searching for the meaning of life and true love, I would like to add one more value to this: friendship.

If we take Jesus' words in the Bible seriously: "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends" (John 15, 13), then it is necessary to recognize friendship as a value almost the same important in life, like its "big sister" - love.

It seems that Jesus puts friendship on the same level as love in the process of salvation. We have always recognized the fact of giving life out of love for the highest dedication. In the meantime, Jesus extended this sacrifice of life to friendship as well. He probably did it on purpose, so that people would treat him not only as a brother but also as a friend.

I am guessing that Jesus wanted and wants to save the world together with people, be among them as their guide, teacher and master. After all, during his short life on the Israeli earth, he lived among everyday human affairs and the position of the teacher best suited Him. He wanted and still wants to be with us, along with the whole human family, where everyone should be brothers and sisters associated with family love. It should be in a perfect world. However, for the duration of the process of salvation, friendship is a feeling more adequate to joint and solidarity against evil than any other human connection.

I suppose Jesus prefers to be our friend instead of being the object of worship. He does not need the praiseful hymns, thankful processions or constant glorification. It seems that the entire mighty worship of Jesus is unnecessary and only makes Him more distant from people, makes Him also alone, and this is the worst thing that can happen to Him. It was because of this loneliness that He had to choose the way of the cross. We are wasting time and efforts on organizing religious celebrations in honor of Jesus, while He only needs our closeness, our love and friendship.  Jesus also expects us to accept His teachings in everyday life and, of course, actively cooperate in bringing the world to full salvation. It is worth being a close friend of Jesus and remembering this during our struggle for a better world.

Currently, despite appearances, the experience of lasting and true friendship is even more difficult than experiencing equally lasting and true love. Of course, I am talking about a friendship that we call real friendship, that is, one that we refer to as a "life and death" friendship. I've been looking for it whole life and I'm still looking for it.  Unfortunately, almost all experiences with her experience ended with little optimism. Friendship sooner or later faded and was forgotten. I have never come across the kind of friendship I've dreamed about all my life.

I had particularly negative experiences in the business sector. Running business very clearly releases fallen human nature along with all its bad sides. This is a field so dynamic, so rich in various experiences, so involving human abilities and at the same time so embedded in the reality that surrounds us, that only a fully immune to evil can constantly be faithful to the principles of friendship. My experiences in business clearly show this and leave great regret at the loss of friendship for years.

Perhaps my expectations towards people are too high. Maybe such a real friendship is possible only in a perfect world. I hope that everything will be perfect and true there, both love and friendship. Unfortunately, we are now living in an imperfect world, where they are also imperfect and far from the desired ideal. For consolation, it is worth believing that somewhere out there, in some corner of the world, someone experienced the feelings we dream about. Another comforting message is that sooner or later we will live in a good, perfect world in which we will experience true love and friendship.

Everyone around me seems to have forgotten about the proper sense of friendship. Everyone pushes something for something, and that's for fame, and that's for wealth, and that for yet another form of happiness imagined by him. Those who have already gained power, wealth or happiness, become idols for others chasing after reaching the desired goal.

I actually feel strange in this world.  I suffer because I cannot openly say what I think. If I even started doing it, I would be immediately hailed or insane.

I come to the conclusion that this world cannot offer me real happiness because I do not know what it is. I also do not want to gain and accumulate its riches, because it is a road leading in the opposite direction than to God. This world will not give me fame and high social status, for Satan knows that I would use her to direct other people towards God. I will not be happy, famous or rich in this world.  This is because it is not my world.  I want to live in heaven, not in hell.

That is why, among other things, this text was created. In next chapters I would like to explain further motives for the creation of several personal chapters in my study.













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