A dream about a perfect world


I had a dream…

I dreamed that I escaped from this world, but I could not find a new place for remaining anywhere. Everywhere there was an emptiness, something like an endless vacuum, like a big hole without a bottom. And I woke up... but in this real world, which I have already called hell many times.

In fact, I would like to escape from this hell. I even know where – to the world prepared by Heavenly Father. Many do not believe in its existence, but for me it is a truly existing reality. It is not fiction or a dream, but the right place for people. I admit, however, that I saw this world only in my dreams.

Unfortunately, the escape from "our hell" is not so simple. The quickest way is to deprive yourself of physical life. But then it will be even worse, because suicides go to the next hell, even worse, found in the spiritual world, and at its very bottom.

I would also not like to enter the spiritual world as a result of a long and difficult illness that prevents normal activity. It would be physical and spiritual suffering not to lie down in a serious disease, not only for me, but above all for my loved ones. Or maybe then I would not be myself anymore?

Probably in a perfect world, that is to say in a normal world, we will have an influence on the choice of the moment of our death. But for now, this ideal world is gone. That's why I want to work a bit more to speed up the moment of his coming.

I've tried to change this world for over thirty years, but it didn’t change at all.  My all efforts have been fruitless.


Despite this, I still think how it would be to live in a normal world. Our Earth in my dreams is the place of daily presence of Heavenly Father, a place where you can love all people, the world of eternal happiness, the Kingdom of Heaven.

I'm dreaming and wake up again! Sometimes in sadness I do not know where to go!

I carry love without feeling the reciprocity of the world around me. It's a pain, but I'm staying...

Sometimes I dream differently ... If I saw my love, my service ... I still cry out of love, I still feel the pain of unnoticed love...

I'm looking for all my life: love, friendship...

I look at things - the gifts of my love - they do not care. These are unnecessary things for others, but for me they are living gifts of love.

I want to send this love, let it run, but let it come back intensified. Perhaps it will be reciprocated by some beloved person, and perhaps by many people. This dream is everyday life among dreams, this desire, eternal desire.

I want to live in heaven, not in hell. Oh, how much I still dream about this sky!

I wake up... I dream...

What would it be like if the perfect world was finally created?

How would everyday life in this world look like?

I close my eyes and dream...

This world in dreams is so colorful, so bright. It is so wonderful that it seems unreal. Is this the perfect one I am waiting for? I dream again. What would happen if the fall in the Garden of Eden never happened? What would this world be without evil? What would this good world look like from the very beginning of human history?

I remember that once I talked about it...

Once my old friend, who learned by accident about my religious interests, visited me. During our long conversation, he admitted to me that he knows about the existence of a separate human civilization on a different planet in a specific place in cosmos. It would be a different version of the creation of the world and it was carried out successfully by the Creator. As I understood this from his description, God, after the fall of Adam and Eve, left our present civilization for now, waiting for the fulfillment of the process of salvation, and He realized His work on another planet, similar to Earth, as a new, different beginning for humanity. On that planet, named, say, Earth II, there was no fall of the first people and the development of humanity is completely different. Of course, in terms of physical life on it is similar to ours, because both have the same Creator, from whom the same laws of physics, chemistry or biology come from.

Next, my friend convinced me that soon the civilization from Earth II will begin to affect us. This will happen on two levels. On a moral level, the inhabitants of this good planet will be able to clean our civilization from evil and lead to the original plans of the Creator. At the level of technological development, the inhabitants of Earth II, as they are hundreds of years ahead of us in terms of technology, will be able to help us make up the lost time due to thousands of years of neglect in the proper development of civilization.

Oh, how much I would like to believe in the information given by this man! I felt that it was a new hope for him that he wanted to share with me. For me, it looked more like a religion that did not conflict with other religions. It would be a very positive faith that breathed great optimism. Or is it really true… It suits my dreams...

Or maybe there are more such good planets in the universe inhabited by noble people? Maybe someday it will turn out that people live in other cosmos, on other planets similar to Earth.

I will return to reality...

My body is already quite worn out. Soon I will disappear from the lives of my loved ones, from the lives of people who know me and in general from earthly life. It does not matter if it's in a year, two or fifteen years. This time is inevitably coming. But I have eyes and a clear mind. And let them serve me as long as possible in these plans, which I would like to implement. I am sending my love and dreams to God and to loved ones, to my wife, to my daughters, to all who would like to know my feelings. I look at them with concern, wondering whether they will understand this message and whether they will pass on my love and my dreams of a perfect world.

I am not afraid of death because there is nothing to be afraid of. However, I will admit that I am afraid of suffering a bit before my death and that I will lose control of my mind. So, I am still asking the Creator of my body, so that it does not happen. Thank you in advance, Father!

I hope that I will be able to finish this book because it is a kind of my will. Let something stay after me. All I need to do is to be remembered as the author of the books "The Touch of Eternity" and "The Touch of Hope" and the websites www.istota.net and www.istota.org. That's all for now!

Now, at the end, I am asking you, love Heavenly Father with all your strength, with all my soul, and those around you whom you know, love as you love yourself.












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