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The main topics present a proposal to answer the following questions:

= Who is God?


"Original Being"  "God as the Center of the Universe"-


"Personality of God"-"God as the Creator"-"God and science".


= Who is a human? "Man - eternal Being"


"Man toward the All Things","Man and other spiritual beings".


= What is the universe? - "Futuristic vision of the universe"

This is the basic part of the topics on this website.

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The website "ISTOTA" is not only a comprehensive study of basic religious concepts, but also a scientific and religious discussion forum, which publishes progressive views and independent opinions about God, about man, about the spiritual world and about the current state of the world.

At the beginning, all thinking about the truth about man and the universe is worth starting by making sure that we are not animals.

This is the basic truth and starting point for further efforts to obtain answers to the most important questions in human life.

It is true that the human body is similar to the body of animals, but this is a secondary likeness.

The entire civilization created by humanity is not at all compatible with the animal world and is polar different. Animals have not created any civilization, while civilization progress for man is his "daily bread." Developing various branches of culture and art, expanding education and knowledge, progress in industry and agriculture, these are everyday activities of humanity. This puts man far above other beings in nature and makes him a "god" rather than an animal.

All this civilization creation results from the fact that the right man is a being inherent in a physical body, which is only a material basis for its everyday existence. It is this being inherent in our body that creates civilization and constantly develops it; and this being is the right man. And so it can be forever if we do not commit any foolishness. Besides, this being has eternity in nature, because it constantly strives for eternity and builds civilization for eternity.

This being - it's all of us. We still touch eternity, and thus, we continue to touch the concept of God as eternal Being as the Source of ourselves. This is how we come to the concept of God the Creator and Heavenly Father.

If we were animals, then we would not need any Transcendent God, and in our head would be only the thought of food, of some burrow to breed and to reproduce and possibly instinctive following the leader of the herd.

Meanwhile, for centuries humanity has been looking for God, learning about different visions about Him, creating various religions, philosophies, a new branches of science and thus slowly approaching His full knowledge.

The purpose of my considerations is to take a small step in this direction.

I invite you to experience the joy of understanding who God is.

= Who is God? -

"Original Being" - "Personality of God" - "God as the Creator" -


 "God and science"  -  "God as the Center of the Universe"-


= Who is a human? -

 "Man - eternal Being" - "Man toward the All Things"-


"Man and other spiritual beings".


= What is the universe? - "Futuristic vision of the universe"













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