Words to the believers

What particularly is necessary for the people who believe in God?


I would like to explain to everyone that as the author of this study entitled "The touch of eternity" and the creator of the websites www.istota.org and www.essenceism.com, I do not belong to any church and do not identify with any of the known religions. I simply conduct my own search for answers to the most important life questions bothering many people. I do this to independently focus all my efforts on better knowledge of the truth about God and man.

I admit that in the past, as a member of the Catholic community, I was behaving inappropriately towards people of other faiths. I believed that the faith of the Roman Catholic Church is the only true and true faith in God. I did not really understand why people, knowing about the existence of Jesus Christ and knowing that this Jesus appointed Peter the Apostle as His successor, do not recognize the authority of the popes and do not submit to the precepts flowing from the Vatican - Holy See. I was so vicious in my narrow view of the world that sometimes I treated people who profess different religions than Catholic ones as dissenters and even enemies.

It was only after years of experience that I understood that God does not demand a militant attitude from me, rather than understanding and accepting religious diversity among the inhabitants of the whole world. Contacts with people of other faiths helped me in particular. I understood that they are not some erroneous followers of false gods, but they are usually sincere supporters of their truths of faith. The rules of their denominations were of course different from mine. Thanks to the change in my attitude, I met many wonderful people who, instead of criticizing, I began to accept and admire.

Since then, my substantive contacts have been made with representatives of various denominations. It has resulted in full tolerance towards others from my religious views. I also began to look for a common ground of agreement to overcome divisions between religions.

Therefore, based on my experience, I will constantly appeal to believers with whom I meet, for full tolerance and willingness to cooperate with other religions. In this way, you can only enrich your faith and understand the Heavenly Father's heart better.

Meanwhile, this tolerance and cooperation is needed on a much more important issue than mutual understanding. It is needed to establish the right relationship with God Himself. For Him, each of us is His child who got into Satan's bondage. The present state of the world is for God the cause of constant waiting in a very long loneliness without his beloved children for whom he created this world. So how can you bring joy and happiness to Heavenly Father?

The answer to this question probably belonged to Jesus Christ, whose victorious mission could have ended this expectation. Unfortunately, He was rejected by people, and Satan's unlawful reign over God's children continues.

In this situation, every good deed of man increases the level of relationship with God and is the right step towards the end of his loneliness.

That's why I am addressing these few words to believers in God.

The first important thing for every believer is at least a theoretical understanding of the mechanisms of evil and good in the world around us.

A huge percentage of people suffer only by experiencing everyday life. Sometimes this happens because of a lack of success in personal life, and sometimes as a result of subconscious understanding that the world around us is unfair. Exasperation, various kinds of stress, the threat of ordinary existence are every day and almost universal phenomena. We do not like to talk about it usually and that's why we often hide our state of irritation behind the curtain of everyday duties. Sometimes, however, we are no longer able to control ourselves and there is either an outburst of anger or a nervous breakdown.

Seeking those guilty of this situation, we accuse our immediate surroundings, sometimes the employer, and quite often political leaders or even the state system. Perhaps we are right outside, but it is worth remembering that both those around us and those accused by us who hold managerial positions in society similarly feel pain, suffering for the same reasons as us.

Probably only young children do not realize the difficulties of everyday life, while teenagers and young people are rebelling against the order of this world, not being able to bear the injustice that surrounds them patiently. They can express this through various forms of rebellion, which only increases the pain and stress of their parents and educators, that is, most adults.

Does it make sense to accuse each other and look for those guilty of our suffering and misfortunes? Of course not! In the light of what you find on the pages of my study, our negative attitude will not lead to any positive results, but only will be a platform for sustaining the bad mechanisms functioning in our world, not coincidentally named by me hell. Only the creator of this hell is satisfied with this situation. All the others, that is, people currently living in the physical world, people in the spiritual world, angels and God Himself in various ways suffer from the existing situation.

This abnormal state of our world seems to be perfectly normal for most people.  They simply cannot believe in anything else. And just a correct understanding of this situation can help every human being a lot. It is fundamental to realize the roots of evil, or to know the source of our evil tendencies. You can expand your knowledge about this by reading the chapter on the beginnings of evil on the pages of this study. This can, for example, help in everyday life in distinguishing between good and evil.

In addition to analyzing the existence of evil, the purpose of my texts is to seek the true image of Heavenly Father, instead of a "painted", unattainable and mysterious Thief who has nothing to do with the "gray" man.  Therefore, in my opinion, God should not be felt as an extremely distant perfection inaccessible to the "little ones" who are just miserable pollen in the endless cosmos.

Christianity arose, among other things, as a religion that teaches that God is the Heavenly Father. However, it fulfills this mission very poorly and does not take into account the closeness of God. In addition, by creating a full dogma and mystery of theology and unnecessary religious rites, it further increases the distance between a human being - a sinner and our Heavenly Father. This is followed by another undesirable phenomenon of creating a similar chasm between us and Jesus Christ. We must keep in mind that Jesus is not somewhere in the beyond, but remains in this universe, that is, our living environment. We are only temporarily separated from Him spiritually, although we are still in the universe created by Heavenly Father. Complete reconciliation with Him by Jesus is only a matter of time, or the completion of the process of salvation. That is why the person of Jesus Christ and His correct understanding are so important. I wrote about it in the chapter dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Because of all this, the figure of Jesus Christ, whose teaching began the Christian faith, should bring all Christians together into one world family. Unfortunately, it is not. It is worth checking whether our declaration that we live and act in accordance with Christian values reflects the actual state. One way to do this is to compare the values we use in everyday life with the values that Jesus Christ proclaimed.

In Christian teaching there are known sentences spoken by Jesus, such as: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind" and "Love your neighbor as yourself " (Mt 22, 37-40) or: "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone…" (John 8, 7) or "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing" (Lk 23:34).  Which of these values really constitute our life guidepost? Please think about it. I also think about it every day and in the pages of my book.

For now, it is worth accepting Jesus as our close friend and adhere to the important lessons left by Him so that his sacrifice would not be in vain.

Most religions make a continuous petitioner and completely depend on the omnipotence and top-down orders of a distant God whom I prefer to present these religions. In this way, the still false image of Our Father is being disseminated, who follows us and judges us all and waits for us after our death with a whole range of different penalties and rewards.

Through my elaboration, I would like to change the image of God so shaped, which I devote to most of the topics discussed. I try to give my suggestions in an orderly and short form, using the simplest language possible. Perhaps I will take too much time to someone, but the topics are required.

The second important thing for a believer is the decision to use his faith practically in everyday life as part of an existing society. At present, it seems that God has been almost completely eliminated from everyday activity of people. The worst thing is, in my opinion, in a Christian environment, for, for example, among Muslims, there is a greater daily relationship with God, that is, with Allah. I often get the impression that in European countries people like to avoid manifesting their faith. In small communities, for example in the villages, it is less visible, but in larger urban centers, few people treat the faith of people from their surroundings as an opportunity to get closer together and to have a some deeper experience of religious celebrations.  In addition to the official ceremonies of dominant religions, we rarely care about the practical introduction of beautiful ideals of charity to our everyday life. A little more is being said about these matters among the closest members of the family, but they still remain in the sphere of privacy of individual members of the family. I did not write these last remarks in order that the public opinion, especially in small environments, would condemn non-believers, although this still happens.  I wrote this to just encourage some people to get rid of shame because of their faith, even though the surrounding environment is a different religion or non-believer. Faith in God should be a source of pride, but also an impulse to love one's neighbor. Jesus himself explained it well in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

When I was living in a country in which the communist regime ruled, a frequent accusation against totalitarian rule was the fact of the planned destruction of religious faith in society. Words from Pope John Paul II's address during the first visit to the communist country: "do not be afraid", directed to enslaved people and concerned just getting rid of the fear of openly talking about the need for God's existence in everyday life of society. However, when the same society freed itself from the power of the communist system and began to build honest democracy, then practically spontaneously, without pressure from anyone, practically removed God from his everyday life.

And this is also my real worry.

Being a modern man does not mean automatically removing the symptoms of faith in God from everyday life as something shameful and unfashionable. In one of the chapters I compared faith in God with the belief in the existence of energy, beauty and love. I did it because they are one of its main attributes. It is enough, therefore, that we combine faith in energy, in beauty and in love with the creator and then God will come to life in our lives. This means that it is necessary to remember that the world arose from the energy existing in Him, that beauty is a consequence of the harmonious laws and principles that we found in the universe created by Him and that true love has its Eternal Source. Then the Creator's presence will be almost palpable, just as the existence of energy, beauty and love is almost tangible. This will give a man a great sense of bond with him and let him get rid of most of the fears that the Pope asked for in his message.

At the same time, I warn against any exaggeration in exposing God in everything we do every day because in our communities it's easy to be accused of being "haunted."

In the history of mankind, there were really few who genuinely imitated Jesus Christ or followed his teachings exactly. I am not talking about the clergy behind which church institutions stand, but I mean lay people actively involved in the renewal of spiritual life in their environment. Such were the most accurate in their teachings for the evil influence of the "ruler of this world" on all humanity. Unfortunately, they were the victims of the lack of human knowledge about how powerful Satan is. We all know that the new era of humanity began with the murder of the apostles and the first followers of Jesus with Him alone. Then there was frequent exclusion from societies of people open spiritually, burning at the stake unjustly accused of times, persecution and murdering reformers of religious life and many founders of religious movements. Similar cases do happen to the present. Satan will not leave anyone alone threatening him. This is a serious warning for anyone who wants to take on him. You must have great faith and confidence that the actions that oppose the eternal evil are accompanied by the support of a good spiritual world led by Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Those who want to help in the salvation of humanity should at least count on malicious criticism of the environment, with the loss of friends, with exclusion from their environment, and even with attacks from close family members. This is the price that you have to be willing to pay if you know the right knowledge about God authentically.  It may happen that you will pay the highest price, the price of live. This is, of course, the extreme situation, but it is worth remembering it, so that we may introduce our views with caution, especially in a situation when the surrounding society has largely deviated from God.

Despite this situation, I appeal to not give in to fear. I did not write the above sentences about the danger of Satan to scare anyone. Satan is an opponent who is not to be afraid, because by succumbing to fear, we put ourselves in the position of his subjects. We are now living in times when unity with Jesus and the support of angels give us security. Of course, provided that we will not be harmed by our evil deeds that violate the laws and commandments of which people like the prophets, saints and Jesus Himself have reminded us for centuries. In the twenty-first century, the famous biblical Ten Commandments did not lose its importance at all.

Courage in life does not only mean lack of fear of Satan, but also a rational understanding of physical death. This death applies to all of us. I know that the fear of death is so common that the translation of everyone to get rid of him has little chance of acceptance. However, I will try to at least show the cause of the fear of death.

We fear death primarily because it ends our earthly time, which we have grown accustomed to for decades. This is a typical fear that appears before any major change, for which something is waiting that we do not know yet. We are therefore afraid of this unknown thing, sometimes thinking that after physical death we have nothingness and a definitive end to our existence. Therefore, in this elaboration I devote so much space to the explanation that man is eternal and after physical death he goes to a new sphere of life, which from the beginning of the creation of the world was our normal destiny. I have tried to repeatedly describe our future foreseen by the Creator to help people get rid of the fear of death.

I realize that the fear of it is felt first of all by people who during the earth's life have done many bad deeds and caused a lot of harm to others. I am not surprised by these people, because they have something to fear. The only logical advice for this type of people is to think about correcting the consequences of their bad actions and trying to compensate for the damage done while living on this Earth. Maybe a dozen chapters from this study will have some effect.

I am also not surprised by those who have accumulated many riches during their lifetime and, as is commonly said, they cannot take it with them to the other world.

In fact, it is and therefore it is worth remembering that even the greatest wealth, fame or honors have no meaning for our future life in the spiritual world. What is material, physical and external, absolutely not useful in the spiritual world. It's a waste of time and effort to get rich yourself. But if someone has already succeeded, it is worth using your material goods to make others happy. Jesus even advised to distribute all his wealth to the poor, but this can be done not only by direct distribution of money and other material resources, but also by reasonable investment in reducing human poverty.

The most fearful of death prevents a better knowledge of God. Many believers believe that participation in the religious life of their religion gives them a sufficient guarantee of being accepted by God. However, I believe that this is not the best solution, because it would be more beneficial to deepen the knowledge about Him, and then boldly talk about it. I am writing my texts just to again get people to know Heavenly Father better and to prepare for eternal staying with Him.

This consistent introduction of knowledge about the "spiritual" future of our lives is necessary because time in the physical world fundamentally affects life in the spiritual world, as in the proverb: "What the shell will absorb in the youth...". In that world, we will just need, first and foremost, experiences that related to our relationship with God during earthly existence. It is worth remembering and stop being afraid of death.

This part of my study is entitled "Words to believers". That is why I want to supplement the proposed methods of solving everyday problems of the lives of believers with one more important aspect. It's about our safety, that is, about protecting our life, including the spiritual one.

Some parents who are concerned about the safety of their children teach them a prayer that they say before going to bed.  This prayer is: "Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day be at my side,

to light and guard, to rule and guide". Maybe they do it because of family tradition, or maybe just in case. This second argument seems to me more important. Can fear for your child, which manifests itself in the organization of baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation and teaching such prayer, makes us do something just in case?

Of course, this is a very common attitude in our civilized world. We often do many things for our security, just in case. Our self-preservation instinct, sometimes personal experience and sometimes other people's experiences, lead us to this protection of our security. We close the door to the house for a few locks, we set locks and alarms, wear protective helmets and comply with health and safety at work regulations. But sometimes our instinct for self-preservation fails us, we forget something, and coincidence causes us to be robbed, whether we have an unpleasant accident or even lose our lives.

This whole reasoning may also apply to our spiritual life.  It is the existence of spiritual reality that should lead us to take into account other forms of protection of our security.  Perhaps that is why parents teach the children of the prayer quoted above?

Often, in dramatic circumstances, we think about turning to God for help. It happens that we use "help from heaven" only just in case, saying goodbye before a dangerous jump. Or maybe there is a real strength that cares for our safety and it is enough to simply ask our angel for support, even though we are not children anymore? It's worth considering.

Since we commonly use prevention against possible crimes, road accidents or in the protection of our health, should not we apply the same principle to our spiritual life? And what if there really is an active spiritual world full of guardian angels?  And how can angels help us with many life problems, especially regarding morality or raising children? And what if they protect us from some evil?

During conversations with Muslims, I noticed in them a much stronger faith in angels than in the case of Christians.  Therefore, it would be good for all believers in Heavenly Father to realize that He is really our Father and created angels not to passively stay in the spiritual world. Anyway, I wrote about the role of angels in the chapter entitled "Man and other spiritual beings". Now I focus on our safety and our self-preservation instinct. Appealing to angels should not be regarded as a manifestation of faith reserved only for religious fanatics and so-called haunted. Underestimating the role of angels in our security and in general in our lives is a serious mistake. It is not worth depriving yourself of such an important aspect of security regarding spiritual life at your own request.

If the Creator used angels to raise the first people, that is, His children Adam and Eve, this is a serious signal for all parents. The more you love your children, the more you should not underestimate this fact.  Of course, the prayer "Angel of God" is a tiny beginning of raising a child in the awareness of the existence of angels. I think that angels help to develop a good tendency in a child, a certain sense of responsibility and a natural pursuit of good, let alone develop a feeling of love for parents. It is even more important to protect the child from the bad influence of the environment, even the school one. Various bad inclinations, a bad model of life shown to the child by his colleagues, the negative impact of negative phenomena of this world, and even sexual deviations can have a much smaller impact on our children thanks to the activities of angels. As in the case of adults, it is good to teach children to speak to the guardian angel about their desires and plans, for example in the form of free prayer.

To those who will not believe everything I have written above, I propose to practice it just in case. And what if there is God, our Heavenly Father, and what if there is a spiritual world as the destination of our lives, and if there are angels destined to take care of us, why should our children be even more secure when they ask for angels? And what if…































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