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I think that there is no better explanation than the fact that our world was created from God - its Creator.

God-Creator is Spiritual Omnipresence beyond time and space. At the same time, in the form of eternal laws and principles, this omnipresence is also an indirect presence of God in our universe. This presence can be called the Spirit of God. Everything should be permeated with His love, goodness and beauty, because that was the original plan of the Creator.

This omnipresence of God is also manifested in the form of primary energy that completely fills the entire sphere beyond time and space. From it come to time and space all forms of energy, elementary particles, atoms and so on, up to the highest material forms, or galaxies. The material universe can exist from the Big Bang, possibly initiated by the Creator Himself. That is why it continues to expand, because primary energy, sometimes identified by scientists with dark energy, is inexhaustible and infinite, and is also constantly stimulated to development by the Creator Himself.

In the universe created on the planet Earth, the Creator directed the development of nature, which we can see in various structural forms and in the form of the evolution of living organisms. A man appeared in this environment.

Man, unlike animals, comes from God Himself who in the form of the beginning of a spiritual person gave him part of his Personality. Of course, the physical body of a human being, that is, his physical person, derives from nature and is associated with the process of evolution. It is worth noting, however, that the process of evolution overlaps with the Creator's earlier plan in shaping the Earth for His children.

God entrusted the first people to the education of angels, and above all to the wisest of all angels Archangel Lucifer. God alone could not bring them up because He works directly only at the level of perfection. The first people had, with the Archangel's support, come to perfection, which would enable them to have a full relationship with God and make them his representatives to all cration.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of control of feelings by Lucifer and by not accepting the order of the "fruit" to be eaten by the first people in the Garden of Eden, the original plan of the Creator did not succeed. Lucifer, who led to the fall of men and himself, became Satan. God had nothing to do with this process, as well as in the act of evil which occurred as a result of the tragedy in the Garden of Eden. This situation led to the emergence of a completely different world, called the fallen world, in which people inherited his evil nature after him, that is, they received a satanic pedigree. In this world he is the god and the father of humanity, and therefore there is no God in it. As a "guardian" of people, he continues his mission from the Garden of Eden, cutting off humanity from God. He keeps people on a low spiritual level and creates a tight barrier between his "kingdom" on Earth and the spiritual world. So hell was created on earth.

In this situation, the role of people was to work out a situation in which the situation in the Garden of Eden would be remedied. This would mean that the Son and Daughter of God would finally take over the authority over the Archangel. They would then attain the perfection that Heavenly Father awaits. Such an opportunity appeared 2000 years ago. Unfortunately, when the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, was born on Earth, that is, the Second Adam, without any connection to Satan's lineage, Satan succeeded in persuading people to reject their Savior and even to kill Him. Jesus Christ, through the personal defeat of Satan and through redeeming death on the cross, saved, though only spiritually, the greater part of the spiritual world and opened the hope of ending the illegitimate reign of Satan over people in the future.

Now all believers in God and the results of the redemptive work of Jesus are waiting for the completion of His work and the rise of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spiritual world.










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