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I try to understand Jesus Christ and His crucifixion

For me, the only world figure to be called the Savior is Jesus Christ. In that case, when analyzing the history of His activity, we can understand what is the salvation of the world. Actually, this is a topic for a large scientific work, but in this text I try, as easily as possible, to explain the most important doubts related to this issue.

For Christians, Jesus is the Son of God, actually God Himself as "a part of" the Holy Trinity. For others, it is a historical figure, so important that we count a new era in the history of mankind from the date of His birth. For others, for example, for atheists, it is essential that the world before and after the coming of Christ is still just as bad and the effects of His teaching are not very visible. For them, the statement that he saved the world is not confirmed in reality. According to them, the same evil was and remains ubiquitous, both before and after the arrival of the Savior of mankind.

What, then, did Jesus Christ do, beyond the unquestionable influence on culture, art and even the politics of the majority of the world?

Actually in moral terms, Christians are no better than followers of other religions.  It was Christian countries that caused the first and second world wars, they are responsible for the idea and implementation of concentration camps and for many other acts of genocide. Is there no visible result of the work of Jesus?

Indeed, in the physical world, the consequences of His great sacrifice and death on the cross cannot be seen.

In contrast, the effects of His saving work can be understood by the existence of the spiritual world.

Christians say that God sent His only Son, that He would redeem our sins through death on the cross. How is it possible, however, since the same God gave mankind the commandment: do not kill!?  How could He send Jesus to our fallen world, suggesting that He would be killed?  This is certainly contrary to the law given by God and that's why it could not be. How could God, the Creator of the commandment "do not kill," use a bloody sacrifice, or rather a murder, as a method for the salvation of the world?!  After all, Jesus could not kill himself, but people had to do it. Under no circumstances can the murders of God's people be instruments in the hands of God. The idea of salvation by a blood sacrifice is a pagan character, and like everything pagan, it is very distant from God's ways of acting.

The fact is that Jesus was killed because the chosen people did not believe in Him. The Jews rejected His teaching, and the Jewish leaders found Him so dangerous that they decided to cooperate with the Roman invader in order to bring about His death. That's all when it comes to the necessary historical facts and the truth about those times.

From these facts, however, Someone emerges who has made dramatic efforts to convince people of His mission, Someone who did extraordinary things called miracles, to believe in Him, Someone who gave His life for His teaching. The world was astonished by Someone who could say from the cross: "Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing" (Lk 23, 34). Finally, Someone who returned to His disciples after death to convince them to continue His mission.

With all this, I now want to present Jesus Christ and His work in the light of my thoughts.

From the previous considerations it follows that God is the Creator of the universe and that this universe emerged from Him. It also show that His Spirit permeates everything and everyone. Nothing and no one, no being, can compare with Him, even Jesus Christ.

Personally, after many reflections, I have no doubt that Jesus is a man, and the fact of calling Him God's Son or Son of Man just confirms this.

It was written in the Bible that the first son of God, Adam, was a human being and a man, just as Eve was a human being and a woman. In the original plan of God, they were the future parents of all humanity. It is not important whether the first two human beings had just such names, but the biblical description of their creation is to emphasize the immense importance of the moment when God the Father brought to life the first couple of people. They were to create with God something like a trinity, called by me the Original Trinity, giving birth to the human race. Unfortunately, Adam together with Eve contributed to the destruction of the Kingdom of Heaven which is being formed, that is, the world under the authority of God.  Due to the fact that it is man, not God, who is co-responsible for this tragedy, only man can fix it. Jesus Christ, who was to do this, was called the Second Adam, and also the Son of God. To repair the error of the first trinity (God–Adam–Eve), a new trinity had to be created in the chosen nation. Therefore, Jesus should have received from the Jewish people a bride, or a wife as a Second Eve. Thus the Primordial Trinity was to be reborn. As we know, it did not happen.  Satan is still "reigning" in our world, because the history of rebirth to the perfection of the first human pair has not yet been completed. After the resurrection, Jesus appeared only spiritually and as the Son of God continues humanity for ultimate salvation. The second Eve was replaced by the Holy Spirit, who has a perceptible female character – She is characterized by goodness, love, care, etc. Together with God they are the spiritual trinity, or the Holy Trinity. Because the Second Eve never appeared, only the mission of being at the side of the Son of God was left. This mission is now supported by the angels and spiritual persons of such women as Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, Tamar and many others known from the Old Testament. The participation of these figures is made up together for the Holy Spirit.

At this point, I need to explain more precisely what I mean by the concept of the Holy Trinity. Above all, It should not be identified as God-Creator. The Holy Trinity is not God Himself, but God's Image. This is the difference not only in the name. The image of the Creator in the form of a shaped trinity is a sign of his presence in all of the universe. Everything that God calls into existence binds him to the structure of the trinity. In the creative act, He generates two separate objects from Himself, which form together with Him a various types of tripartite systems. This is the case when the Creator gives rise to positive and negative elementary particles or when, for example, there is a balance of magnetic poles or the opposite of cations and anions. He also remains at the center of the life of plants and animals because of their masculine or feminine nature. This phenomenon is most fully seen when the work of God is embodied as a man and a woman. So with all other entities, the Original Being establishes a variety of "three" in which He is the subject. For us, this concept took on an obvious meaning when the Original Trinity appeared, in other words God, Adam and Eve. This is how the Heavenly Father calls people to life. From the beginning, he "sees" us in the perspective of the First Man and the First Woman. They were the first to be born of God and should be with Him, the beginning of life for all future generations. In the form of a trinity with the Heavenly Father, life is passed on and thus continues his creative work. When Adam and Eve broke the First Trinity, It had to be replaced by the Second Adam – Jesus Christ and the Second Eve – the Holy Spirit.  It happened so that the divine concept of human development could be continued. In this way, the Holy Trinity was created, which can still give new life to the children of God, although for now it is only a spiritual life. It is, therefore, God's form and mode of action, because He Himself is the Only, Absolute and fulfilling All-universe.  God is the all-existing Original Being, from whose Personality and Energy the entire universe is derived, both physical and spiritual. These two worlds also form a trinity system with God. Therefore, God's entire action is embodied in this form.

The position of Jesus in the Trinity is particularly evident in the analysis of responsibility for the fall of the first people. Assuming that Jesus Christ would be a God united in the Holy Trinity, one would have to logically state that God Himself repairs the sins committed by man. In this way, He somehow takes responsibility for them.  Could God carry some responsibility for the sin of Adam and Eve?  Is it possible? No, this is not possible. God is not responsible for the fall of people in the Garden of Eden, so He cannot get involved in fixing it. If He were to a small degree engaged in the repair of evil, it would mean God's interference in the existing evil with which He has nothing in common and which He does not know. God cannot do this. Anyway, if He could, as a Loving Father, he would engage in the process of liquidating evil already during the fall of Adam and Eve. He would not have waited thousands of years for the results of salvation and would not expose His children to great suffering after Satan's reign.

If God blamed the tragedy of the fall of the first people, the entire process of salvation would not make sense. God does not make mistakes and cannot repair what He did not destroy. Only the Savior (man) can carry out the process of salvation with the acceptance and cooperation of people. Therefore, the people (the chosen people) were to receive the Savior (the Second Adam – man) and prepare the Second Eve to destroy Satan together.  They were to make him return to his previous position as a servant – Archangel Lucifer, because that is his destiny.  Second Eve is essential, because both Adam and Eve took part in the fall, and she was the first link in the fall. Only through the creation of the first perfect human couple could one overthrow the unlawful position of Satan and complete the creation of the ideal world which is the goal of God's creative work.

Jesus was human and actually had to be him. Only human – Second Adam and human – Second Eve should repair what was destroyed with the participation of people.

The fact that Jesus is called the Son of God does not mean that he was God Himself. Of course, the perfect Son of God can be treated as God in our fallen world. The Son of God was and always is a "Window" for the world created by God. He always existed in the consciousness of the Creator. Even when the son of God, Adam, disappeared due to the fall of this "Window", he still contained the Son of God, whose embodiment became Jesus of Nazareth after many years. In God there is always and continuously the position of the son of God – "Window" for future children of God born on Earth.

Jesus repeatedly explained to the apostles His position towards Heavenly Father.  Of course, He could openly speak of God as His Father, because He is the One who, after the failure of Adam in the Garden of Eden, became the true Son of God.  Nevertheless, Jesus constantly emphasized His humanity, because he wanted to be properly understood by the contemporary environment.

Nowadays, when the dogmas of the Holy Trinity, the hypostatic union, the divinity of Jesus and the miracles that he accomplished, it is very difficult to convince people to think about whom and what they really believe. Almost all dogmas come from the Middle Ages, in which the knowledge about man, the universe and the universal laws of nature was negligible. In that era, the introduction of dogma actually stabilized faith in God and supported the supernatural version of Revelation. In fact, the unreflective understanding of the idea of the Holy Trinity suggests a kind of polygyny. Meanwhile, polytheism is a decline after ancient religions, although Judaism, the heir of which is Christianity, has been very much offensive. Now, however, the times have come when our faith competes with the achievements of science and is subjected to logical analysis. Therefore, the knowledge of supernatural phenomena, especially the one inherited from previous eras, is the source of many doubts. At the same time, we still remember the times when the scientific achievements of many scholars have led them even to a martyr's death. Also, the logical analysis of religious concepts was treated as heresy at that time. This gradually exacerbated the faith of many people, as evidenced by current statistics.

In this situation, Jesus should be better understood and closer to people.  Meanwhile, dogmas, and especially keeping the faithful in the belief that He is both human and God Almighty, distances us from Him and practically prevents people from taking a direct example of His behavior. In the 21st century, it makes no sense to keep Jesus high above us, for it is time to be present among us as a model of perfect humanity. It is best to treat Him like an older brother without unnecessary signs of worship. On the way to a better understanding of God, we need a close friend and mediator. Modern times have far removed from our everyday life not only Jesus, but also God Himself. Meanwhile, His presence is necessary for our world to have a chance for salvation. This presence should not be unlikely, as evidenced by the numerous testimonies of those who have experienced his spiritual presence.

Jesus once said to His disciples that He who looks at Him sees Heavenly Father.  This has been understood as proof that Jesus is God Himself. It is worth considering this statement more deeply, because it does not necessarily mean that Jesus was God Himself.

Imagine that we are standing on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Before us, as far as the eye can see, there is the vastness of its waters. If someone asked us what we see in front of us, of course we will answer that we see the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, we actually only see a tiny patch of the shore of this ocean, and in addition only a small part of its surface. We cannot embrace with our eyes the vastness of waters extending over many thousands of kilometers, we cannot penetrate its depths and see the rich biological life underway in it. However, we still see the Atlantic Ocean. Even if we rise to a high altitude in a spaceship, although we look at the entire surface, we will still see only a fraction of the whole.  First of all, we will not see the biological life contained under its surface.

It is the same with Jesus and Heavenly Father. Looking at Jesus, we see the image of God, which should be every perfect man created "in the image and likeness" of Heavenly Father. For sure, however, we will not embrace our awareness of the infinity of the Creator of All Things. Jesus reflects to Himself everything that the Creator has poured upon people, that is, all that He possesses the most perfect.  God, creating man, left nothing in reserve, because that would limit the perfection of His work. Jesus Christ is, therefore, like God "in a nutshell", Someone fully "in the image and likeness", means the Image of God on Earth. It is worth to distinguish the vastness of the ocean from a representative section of its shore.

I have nothing against Jesus being treated as God, because in a sense He is Him for all the inhabitants of the fallen world.  For now, we are under the dominion of Satan, who was once an archangel and whom Jesus called "the god of this world."  In a perfect world, angels were to be servants of a man who, in turn, being a child of God, was to be an "executing god" to them. For the time being, only the Son of God, Jesus Christ, has been such an "executive god". He can therefore be treated by fallen humanity on an equal footing with God. In a sense, He replaces Heavenly Father Himself. In a fallen world, people are cut off from God and stand lower in the hierarchy of beings than angels. They are like servants of servants, hence they cannot have direct contact with Heavenly Father. Therefore, Jesus is their only intermediary and, in the positive sense of the word, "covers" God by Himself because people feel that He is His Image. From the words of Jesus, one can guess that he appeared to become for the whole of humanity the legal God of this world, that is, to take the place of the illegal "god of this world".

Salvation means that anyone who reaches full maturity in the world under the authority of God, should become His child, that is, the son or daughter of God.  Then we will no longer need the mediation of Jesus and he will become our Elder Brother.

Summarizing the above explanations, it can be said that Jesus Christ, during His earthly life, being a perfectly perfect man, was a Image of God on Earth.

Let us then return to the question - what did Jesus do in his life?

We already know that he has not saved the world because Satan and evil still exist in our reality.

In short, Jesus performed a work called Redemption. The word redemption (written by small "r") means a commercial type exchange: something for something.

What was the subject of the exchange in the case of Jesus?  Of course, He Himself.

The redemption consists in the taking over by Jesus Christ of the supremacy over the spiritual people of men at the price of His physical life at the moment of death on the cross. In other words, it was a voluntary sacrifice treated like a ransom for restoring lost people's spiritual life in the Garden of Eden. This act primarily concerns spiritual persons who remained under the dominion of Satan before the resurrection of the Son of God. It also applies to people on Earth who believed that Jesus is their Lord. This means that our spiritual persons who will enter the spiritual world in the future are also subject to this ransom.

Why was such a "transaction" possible?

First of all because Satan was forced to do so by the Son of God, who before, during the forty-day fast in the desert, showed his superiority over the fallen Archangel.  Also because the life of the Son of God belonged entirely to God, and because of that it had more value than the total value of all people – the spiritually dead inhabitants of the world under Satan's rule. This act began immediately after the crucifixion of Jesus. It was not without reason that He came directly after His physical death to the spiritual world that was then under Satan's rule. It say the words of prayer: "... he came down to hell and rose on the third day...".  Jesus thus freed spiritual persons from Satan who were subordinate to him.  It is worth noting that before the advent of Jesus, all people after physical death were sent to hell in the spiritual world.

This is Jesus' greatest victory: the freeing of spiritual persons from the spiritual world from the reign of Satan. Of course, the evil part of the spiritual world, commonly known as hell, remained active outside the jurisdiction of the Redeemer.  It is a sphere in the spiritual world filled with demons – old angels who fell when their leader fell – Archangel Lucifer. In this spiritual space, there are also those who consciously decided not to accept the redeeming work of Jesus.

Thus, Jesus changed the entire state of the spiritual world. With his personal victory over Satan, he opened a paradise which is a sphere of the spiritual world connected with the Garden of Eden and drew from spiritual hell those who were there before His coming. In addition, he also reduced the number of those who are currently there. It is enough now to recognize Jesus as the Redeemer, so that he can never be found after physical death in hell in the spiritual world.

Jesus, therefore, changed the history of the world, but above all in the spiritual dimension, because he made spiritual salvation. There is nothing wrong with His declaration that anyone who believes in Him will live even if he dies. This means that such a believer, staying after physical death in the spiritual world, will free himself from the power of Satan and will be able to wait for full salvation and even actively participate in it. I will describe this problem in the chapter on the functioning of the spiritual world.

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