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Question about God, about religion and about faith

I will not persuade you to believe in some new or old religion. I will also not show which religion is the best and which is the worst.

I will persuade you, through the texts posted here, to create your own "private" understanding of God. It may be something like a "private religion " that would make only one person happy and give the inner joy of communing with something that is scientifically unproven.

God should not be a category that must be proved.

I say even more bluntly that such concepts as energy, infinity, beauty, or love and God should not be subjected to "force" to scientific and unscientific arguments, because it does not make sense and has not led to satisfactory results for centuries.

There is a sphere around us, or categories that do not yield to any evidence, scientific and non-scientific.

Our feeling remains. Somehow, we subconsciously feel that energy exists, although we only recognize its specific forms, e.g. electricity. We feel subconsciously infinity watching the cosmos surrounding us, but only we can admire this state. We take away the beauty, we feel it, we admire it, but apart from the fact that it exists, we cannot prove anything more. The same applies to love. Although we describe it in thousands of ways, scientific evidence for its existence is completely unnecessary, because it is called the original concept.

It is the existence of God that is a category related to these original concepts and the texts on this page are to bear witness to this.


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