Creator's Original Power of Love –

the core of the theory of eternal existence

By the concept of True God, called the Original Being in the theory of eternal existence, I understand the First Cause of all things. I introduce the term Original Being in order to, as far as possible, make a scientific and objective examination of the possibility of His existence. Therefore, I will not refer to the various "gods" shaped by religious theologies over the centuries. The Original Being is not Zeus, Osiris, Manitou, Ormuzd, Yahweh, Allah, or the Holy Trinity.

To understand the Original Being, you do not need the Bible, the Koran, or any other holy book. Its existence and qualities result from the reality that surrounds us. After learning the laws of the universe's space-time and the state of "space" beyond it, that is, the immaterial sphere beyond time and space, I came to the conclusion that such the Original Being is a necessity. It forced me to very carefully analyze theoretical astrophysics, classical physics, quantum physics and many other sciences. All this in order to know the facts that may indicate the necessity of the First Cause.

The Original Being is a Being existing from backward infinity, that is from always. In the development of this definition, it should be added that the Original Being, which we associate with eternity, exists now and will always exist. This, of course, cannot be proved. This is the starting condition for the time being and I am making it an assumption. It results from an intuitive understanding of Initial Necessity. This assumption will be constantly checked by me. Each important statement in this study is verified using the phrase: "if such an Original Being exists, then ...". The final result of this study will depend on the result of this verification.

The theory of eternal existence states that the Original Being should be the Causing Cause, or the Creator, because this is the main reason why we consider His existence at all. Of course, if He exists, He must be Infinite, Absolute and Perfection and associate with the source of absolute Good. The absolute completeness of this Being means that He is independent of nothing and no one. Therefore, it is an "unconditional" Being, also independent of our opinion. The fact that the Original Being is perfect means that the dimension of what it does is final. It can also be understood that His works do not need to be improved or modified in any way. Their condition is "perfect" in every respect. The fact that God is infinity means that He was, is and will always be.

If we treat the Original Being seriously, it should be a Being that creates only good, beauty and love. It is worth imagining the existence of these values ​​before the universe was created. This could only be the case if the state of reality beyond time and space was completely permeated by the Original Force of Love which is the essence of the Original Being.

According to the results of the analysis of the system, the essenceism of the space-time of the universe with its various forms of energy and matter emerged from the Personality of the Original Being and His Energy. It happened with the participation of the Original Force of Love. This Force, or directed Love, is at the same time the Force of His Laws and Principles, that is, the Effective Creative Force. The theory of eternal existence shows that the Original Being is permeated with Original Love, that is, Creative Energy constantly flowing out of His Heart. From time immemorial, His Love has generated the need for someone who would be its "recipient", and at the same time someone who would reciprocate this love. It's about us, it's about people. In this way, the condition existing eternally in the Personality of the Original Being is transferred to every human being, making him a being in His Image and likeness. Therefore, each of us should inherit from Him the love that the theory of eternal existence defines as true love. We must be careful that this love is always true, that is, directed to the good of individual people, and not to ourselves. Reversing the direction of true love towards oneself creates a state contrary to the Creator's conception, i.e. evil. Unfortunately, such a reversal of the direction of the Original Force of Love destroyed at the beginning of human history the knowledge of eternity and true love from the Creator.

The theory of eternal existence also shows that the ultimate cause of the operation of the Original Force of Love that created the universe is the creation of an environment in which people could reach the level of perfection belonging to beings in the Image and likeness of the Creator. It can therefore be said that the universe was created for people, and especially so that during our physical life we ​​would prepare ourselves to be with our Heavenly Father forever.










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