Comparison of the Big Bang Theory (BBT) with the Theory of Eternal Existence (TEE) in the formation of the universe, life and people.

The following comparison is intended to show that TEE has the same right to exist as BBT. Both theories cannot be fully verified yet. BBT is aimed at understanding the universe, and TEE is at understanding the eternal state beyond time and space.


Views of the Big Bang Theory



Views of the Theory of Eternal Existence



BBT explains that the universe arose from the point of singularity that started the universe's space-time as if out of nothing.




TEE explains that the universe arose in one moment from a state beyond time and space to the state of space-time in the universe.



BBT claims that neither the cause of the universe, especially its source, can be determine.




TEE explains that this event was triggered by an Intelligent First Cause called the Original Being.



BBT explains that this process proceeded rapidly through the sudden appearance of a huge amount of energy along with the laws described by science. TWW is unable to determine where this creative energy and accompanying laws came from.




TEE explains that this process was due to the merging of the Praenergy and the Laws of Original Being. Thus, TEE claims that the Original Being created the universe from Himself.





BBT explains that this process was started by a homogeneous single super force that shaped the force field, and within it the individual forces and interactions that shaped elementary particles and the relationships between them.



TEE explains that this process was started by the Original Force of Love, which not only played the role of a super force with all its functions, but also shaped interpersonal relationships.




BBT argues that the fundamental forces that shaped all matter in the universe were the gravitational, strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions. These are the interactions that determine most of the phenomena in the universe.



TEE argues that the interactions of forms of love shaped humanity. Strong interaction can be likened to parental love, gravitational to conjugal love, weak to child love, and electromagnetic to feelings of friendship.



BBT claims that neither the cause of the universe can be determined, nor the purpose of its existence.



TEE claims that behind the creation of the universe is the concept of the creator of the Original Being.



BBT claims that the emergence of life, the course of all stages of evolution, and the appearance of an intelligent human being in the natural environment are a series of random events.




TEE claims that the life and spiritual persons of people emerged from the Creator Personality and that the course of evolution created an environment for people inheriting this Personality.













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