Chapter 6

The laws of the spiritual world,

i.e. the laws of a state beyond time and space

The system of essenceism confirmed the well-known opinion that the laws of the spiritual world work differently than the laws of the physical world. However, unlike the material view of the world, the essenceism system shows that the laws of the spiritual world are as important as the laws of the physical world. By breaking them, various types of suffering, illness, mental disorders and even death may occur.

The laws of the physical world will shape the space-time of the universe. They participate in the continuous creation of various entities, in their transformations and development. These are the laws of physics, chemistry and biology, which we generally refer to as the laws of the high school leaving exam. It is worth noting that in the background of the laws of nature there are immutable principles that we simply accept as they are. For example, that there is time that operates according to its own rules, that movement accompanies the existence of energy, and that every moment is the present. We define the past and future in relation to it. Therefore, the principles of the existence of the universe, life or people are a constant phenomenon, against the background of which the laws governing variable phenomena in the universe operate. Their operation can be treated separately, just as we analyze the effects of these laws separately.

According to the results of essenceism analyzes regarding the state of spiritual reality, the operation of the laws of the spiritual world constitutes a unity that cannot be separated from each other, which distinguishes them from the operation of physical laws. This also applies to the results of their activities. For example, the past, present and future are the same under these laws. Also cause and effect are one. Therefore, in the essenceism system, I constantly emphasize the difference between the laws of the physical world and the laws of the spiritual world. In order to better understand the phenomena occurring in the spiritual world, which I analyzed using the essenceism system, I will quote below the main laws and principles existing in this world (or in this state):

1. The law of timelessness (temporal uncertainty) - this is the feature of the state beyond time and space.

2. The law of structurelessness, i.e. spatial uncertainty in which there is nothing occupying any space or volume. This is also one of the main characteristics of the state beyond time and space.

3. The principle of the existence of One Absolute First Cause, called the Original Being in the essenceism system. He fills the state beyond time and space, both structurally and temporally, i.e. from infinity to infinity. The Original Being is a model for everything that was created from Him. He has an External Side which is the Energy of the First Cause (Prime Energy) and an External Side which is His Personality.

4. The law of the universal existence of primeval energy, which shows the uncertainty of the state of energy filling the sphere beyond time and space, and at the same time the determination of this energy when it filled the space-time of the universe.

5. The law of the main super force that operates from a state beyond time and space. This force, according to the findings of the essenceism system, is the Original Force of Love having its source in the Personality of the Original Being.

6. The law of creation consisting in transformation of energy into matter. In the source form of this law, it is about the transformation of the Original Energy constituting the Inner Side of the Original Being into various forms of energy and matter occurring in the universe. This law results in the statement that everything was created from the Original Being.

7. The principle of existence of entities in the sphere beyond time and space. This type of existence is a concentration of original energy formed around a personality center that has intelligence, emotionality and will. This is how the definition of each entity existing in this sphere should be understood. They are separate beings derived from the Personality of the Creator, i.e. created in His image. His Intellect, Will and Emotionality are the source of their personality. 8. The principle of eternity coming from the infinity of the Original Being. It leads to the fact that beings originating from the Personality of the Original Being become eternal after achieving perfection.

9. The law of perfection, which states that every being strives to achieve perfection based on the model created by the Original Being, and that every spiritual being strives for perfection based on its intelligence, will and emotionality. This law is derived from the principle that everything in which the Original Being is directly involved strives for perfection in accordance with the model that He creates.

10. The law of omnipresence, i.e. uncertainty regarding the location of spiritual beings in a sphere beyond time and space. This means that all spiritual entities residing in the sphere beyond time and space after achieving perfection are omnipresent in it. This also results from the law of eternity.

11. The law of the necessary existence of space-time. It means that space-time is a necessary place of development for beings destined to remain eternally in a sphere beyond time and space. It creates an environment and time for all beings to develop to a state of perfection.

12. The law of communication in a state beyond time and space means that communication between entities existing there takes place by means of intuitive transfer of the content of feelings or thoughts, and even visions from the material structures of the universe.

13. All laws originating from the First Cause and functioning in a state beyond time and space are defined as available, necessary, absolute, eternal and good, that is, consistent with the pattern of Creator.

The laws of the spiritual world are very specific, but they do not create coercion. Once we know them, our free will be released. Among other things, in the spiritual world we lose the sense of the flow of time, and everything we experienced in the physical world is shown to us in one moment. This means that we do not observe some state that is somewhere outside us, but that we observe the existence of ourselves as if we were inside it. One of the important conclusions of essenceism is that the laws of the spiritual world enable full control over the use of primary energy. It can be formed according to our will, i.e. it can be concentrated in such a way that a spiritual person becomes "physical", i.e. it can become visible to people in the physical world for a short time. I wrote about this in other studies of the essenceism system.








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