Introduction to the topic "Who is a man?"

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The question in the title of this study is asked by almost every person in a slightly different form, that is: who am I? Normally, anyone can easily answer for such a question. But this study is not about a profession, a social position, or about a person's sex. It's more about our humanity. The question: who is a man concerns the category of being ascribed to humanity. This is a question people ask very rarely, and I get the impression that they are less likely to find an appropriate answer.

In this study, the concept of man can be understood as two slightly different terms. One applies to the modern man who lives on our planet. One can call him ordinary man or, as some religions call him, a fallen man. Let's, however, remain in the definition of contemporary man.

The second term applies to the proper man, that is, to what one should inhabit the Earth. For some it can only be a theoretical person, but for me, especially in the first part of my study, it will be the right man. I will call him simply human being.

I invite you to the first subject of this study:

 "Man - what is the category of being"









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